Marijana Đaković
Marijana Đaković
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Intramolecular N-H...O hydrogen bonding, quinoid effect, and partial π -electron delocalization in N-aryl Schiff bases of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde : the crystal structures of …
M Gavranić, B Kaitner, E Meštrović
Journal of Chemical Crystallography 26 (1), 23-28, 1996
Crystal engineering with iodoethynylnitrobenzenes: a group of highly effective halogen-bond donors
CB Aakeröy, TK Wijethunga, J Desper, M Đaković
Crystal Growth & Design 15 (8), 3853-3861, 2015
Thiocyanate complexes of the group 12 metals with pyridine-2-carboxamide: Synthesis and structural characterization
M Đaković, Z Popović, G Giester, M Rajić-Linarić
Polyhedron 27 (1), 210-222, 2008
Electrostatic potential differences and halogen-bond selectivity
CB Aakeroy, TK Wijethunga, J Desper, M Đaković
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (5), 2662-2670, 2016
Mechanically responsive crystalline coordination polymers with controllable elasticity
M Đaković, M Borovina, M Pisačić, CB Aakeröy, Ž Soldin, BM Kukovec, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (45), 14801-14805, 2018
OH absorption coefficients of rutile and cassiterite deduced from nuclear reaction analysis and FTIR spectroscopy
J Maldner, F Rauch, M Gavranić, A Beran
Mineralogy and Petrology 71 (1/2), 21-29, 2001
Association of copper (II) isonicotinamide moieties via different anionic bridging ligands: Two paths of ferromagnetic interaction in the azide coordination compound
M Đaković, Z Jagličić, B Kozlevčar, Z Popović
Polyhedron 29 (8), 1910-1917, 2010
Coordination-driven self-assembly of thiocyanate complexes of Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) with picolinamide: a structural and DFT study
M Đaković, D Vila-Vicosa, MJ Calhorda, Z Popović
CrystEngComm 13 (19), 5863-5871, 2011
A functionalized ionic liquid containing phosphine-ligated palladium complex for the Sonogashira reactions under aerobic and CuI-free conditions
J Zhang, M Đaković, Z Popović, H Wu, Y Liu
Catalysis Communications 17, 160-163, 2012
Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural investigation of Zn (NCS) 2 (nicotinamide) 2 and [Hg (SCN) 2 (nicotinamide)] n
M Đaković, Z Popović, G Giester, M Rajić-Linarić
Polyhedron 27 (1), 465-472, 2008
Testing the limits of halogen bonding in coordination chemistry
M Borovina, I Kodrin, M Đaković
CrystEngComm 20 (5), 539-549, 2018
Competition between hydrogen bonds and halogen bonds: a structural study
JC Gamekkanda, AS Sinha, J Desper, M Đaković, CB Aakeröy
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (13), 10539-10547, 2018
The Role of Halogen Bonding in Controlling Assembly and Organization of Cu(II)-Acac Based Coordination Complexes
JC Gamekkanda, AS Sinha, J Desper, M Đaković, CB Aakeröy
Crystals 7 (7), 226, 2017
Bifunctional ionic liquid catalyst containing sulfoacid group and hexafluorotitanate for room temperature sulfoxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides using hydrogen peroxide
S Wang, L Wang, M Đaković, Z Popovic, H Wu, Y Liu
ACS Catalysis 2 (2), 230-237, 2012
Interactions with polynucleotides and antitumor activity of amidino and imidazolinyl substituted 2-phenylbenzothiazole mesylates
L Racané, R Stojković, V Tralić-Kulenović, H Cerić, M Đaković, K Ester, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 86, 406-419, 2014
Synthesis, structural characterization and application of a 2D coordination polymer of Mn-terephthalate as a heterogeneous catalyst for olefin oxidation
M Bagherzadeh, F Ashouri, M Đaković
Polyhedron 69, 167-173, 2014
Synthesis, characterizations and catalytic studies of a new two-dimensional metal− organic framework based on Co–carboxylate secondary building units
M Bagherzadeh, F Ashouri, M Đaković
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 223, 32-37, 2015
Design of mononuclear, binuclear and polynuclear molybdenum (VI) complexes based on ONO benzoylacetone derived enaminones and their in vitro biological activity
J Pisk, L Bilić, M Đaković, D Cvijanović, V Damjanović, J Lovrić, M Rubčić, ...
Polyhedron 145, 70-79, 2018
Diamondoid architectures from halogen-bonded halides
CA Gunawardana, M Đaković, CB Aakeröy
Chemical Communications 54 (6), 607-610, 2018
Competition and selectivity in supramolecular synthesis: structural landscape around 1-(pyridylmethyl)-2, 2′-biimidazoles
CA Gunawardana, J Desper, AS Sinha, M Ðaković, CB Aakeröy
Faraday Discussions 203, 371-388, 2017
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