Elena Groppo
Elena Groppo
Department of Chemistry, NIS Centre and INSTM, University of Torino (ITALY)
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Reactivity of surface species in heterogeneous catalysts probed by in situ X-ray absorption techniques
S Bordiga, E Groppo, G Agostini, JA van Bokhoven, C Lamberti
Chemical reviews 113 (3), 1736-1850, 2013
Probing the surfaces of heterogeneous catalysts by in situ IR spectroscopy
C Lamberti, A Zecchina, E Groppo, S Bordiga
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (12), 4951-5001, 2010
The Structure of Active Centers and the Ethylene Polymerization Mechanism on the Cr/SiO2 Catalyst:  A Frontier for the Characterization Methods
E Groppo, C Lamberti, S Bordiga, G Spoto, A Zecchina
Chemical reviews 105 (1), 115-184, 2005
Adsorption properties of HKUST-1 toward hydrogen and other small molecules monitored by IR
S Bordiga, L Regli, F Bonino, E Groppo, C Lamberti, B Xiao, PS Wheatley, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (21), 2676-2685, 2007
Adsorption properties and structure of CO 2 adsorbed on open coordination sites of metal–organic framework Ni 2 (dhtp) from gas adsorption, IR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction
PDC Dietzel, RE Johnsen, H Fjellvåg, S Bordiga, E Groppo, S Chavan, ...
Chemical communications, 5125-5127, 2008
Local structure of CPO-27-Ni metallorganic framework upon dehydration and coordination of NO
F Bonino, S Chavan, JG Vitillo, E Groppo, G Agostini, C Lamberti, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (15), 4957-4968, 2008
Insights into Adsorption of NH3 on HKUST-1 Metal–Organic Framework: A Multitechnique Approach
E Borfecchia, S Maurelli, D Gianolio, E Groppo, M Chiesa, F Bonino, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (37), 19839-19850, 2012
Comparative study of hydrotalcite-derived supported Pd2Ga and PdZn intermetallic nanoparticles as methanol synthesis and methanol steam reforming catalysts
A Ota, EL Kunkes, I Kasatkin, E Groppo, D Ferri, B Poceiro, RMN Yerga, ...
Journal of catalysis 293, 27-38, 2012
Determination of the particle size, available surface area, and nature of exposed sites for silica− alumina-supported Pd nanoparticles: A multitechnical approach
G Agostini, R Pellegrini, G Leofanti, L Bertinetti, S Bertarione, E Groppo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (24), 10485-10492, 2009
Functionalization of UiO-66 Metal−Organic Framework and Highly Cross-Linked Polystyrene with Cr(CO)3: In Situ Formation, Stability, and Photoreactivity
S Chavan, JG Vitillo, MJ Uddin, F Bonino, C Lamberti, E Groppo, ...
Chemistry of Materials 22 (16), 4602-4611, 2010
CO adsorption on CPO-27-Ni coordination polymer: spectroscopic features and interaction energy
S Chavan, JG Vitillo, E Groppo, F Bonino, C Lamberti, PDC Dietzel, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (8), 3292-3299, 2009
In situ formation of hydrides and carbides in palladium catalyst: when XANES is better than EXAFS and XRD
AL Bugaev, AA Guda, A Lazzarini, KA Lomachenko, E Groppo, ...
Catalysis Today 283, 119-126, 2017
Selective catalysis and nanoscience: an inseparable pair
A Zecchina, E Groppo, S Bordiga
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (9), 2440-2460, 2007
In situ, Cr K-edge XAS study on the Phillips catalyst: activation and ethylene polymerization
E Groppo, C Prestipino, F Cesano, F Bonino, S Bordiga, C Lamberti, ...
Journal of Catalysis 230 (1), 98-108, 2005
Infrared spectroscopy of transient surface species
C Lamberti, E Groppo, G Spoto, S Bordiga, A Zecchina
Advances in catalysis 51, 1-74, 2007
A comprehensive approach to investigate the structural and surface properties of activated carbons and related Pd-based catalysts
A Lazzarini, A Piovano, R Pellegrini, G Leofanti, G Agostini, S Rudić, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 6 (13), 4910-4922, 2016
Model oxide supported MoS 2 HDS catalysts: structure and surface properties
F Cesano, S Bertarione, A Piovano, G Agostini, MM Rahman, E Groppo, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 1 (1), 123-136, 2011
Oxide/Metal Interface Distance and Epitaxial Strain in the N i O/A g (001) System
C Lamberti, E Groppo, C Prestipino, S Casassa, AM Ferrari, C Pisani, ...
Physical review letters 91 (4), 046101, 2003
Response of CPO-27-Ni towards CO, N 2 and C 2 H 4
S Chavan, F Bonino, JG Vitillo, E Groppo, C Lamberti, PDC Dietzel, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (42), 9811-9822, 2009
The potential of spectroscopic methods applied to heterogeneous catalysts for olefin polymerization
E Groppo, K Seenivasan, C Barzan
Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (4), 858-878, 2013
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