Caroline Öhman Mägi
Caroline Öhman Mägi
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Compressive behaviour of child and adult cortical bone
C Öhman, M Baleani, C Pani, F Taddei, M Alberghini, M Viceconti, ...
Bone 49 (4), 769-776, 2011
Osteoinduction by foamed and 3D-printed calcium phosphate scaffolds: effect of nanostructure and pore architecture
A Barba, A Diez-Escudero, Y Maazouz, K Rappe, M Espanol, EB Montufar, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (48), 41722-41736, 2017
The effects of embalming using a 4% formalin solution on the compressive mechanical properties of human cortical bone
C Öhman, E Dall’Ara, M Baleani, SVS Jan, M Viceconti
Clinical biomechanics 23 (10), 1294-1298, 2008
Dependence of mechanical compressive strength on local variations in microarchitecture in cancellous bone of proximal human femur
E Perilli, M Baleani, C Öhman, R Fognani, F Baruffaldi, M Viceconti
Journal of biomechanics 41 (2), 438-446, 2008
Mechanical testing of cancellous bone from the femoral head: experimental errors due to off-axis measurements
C Öhman, M Baleani, E Perilli, E Dall’Ara, S Tassani, F Baruffaldi, ...
Journal of biomechanics 40 (11), 2426-2433, 2007
Robocasting of biomimetic hydroxyapatite scaffolds using self-setting inks
Y Maazouz, EB Montufar, J Guillem-Marti, I Fleps, C Öhman, C Persson, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (33), 5378-5386, 2014
Osteogenesis by foamed and 3D-printed nanostructured calcium phosphate scaffolds: Effect of pore architecture
A Barba, Y Maazouz, A Diez-Escudero, K Rappe, M Espanol, EB Montufar, ...
Acta biomaterialia 79, 135-147, 2018
Structural parameters and mechanical strength of cancellous bone in the femoral head in osteoarthritis do not depend on age
E Perilli, M Baleani, C Öhman, F Baruffaldi, M Viceconti
Bone 41 (5), 760-768, 2007
The effect of tissue condition and applied load on Vickers hardness of human trabecular bone
E Dall’Ara, C Öhman, M Baleani, M Viceconti
Journal of biomechanics 40 (14), 3267-3270, 2007
Effect of strontium surface-functionalized implants on early and late osseointegration: A histological, spectrometric and tomographic evaluation
V Offermanns, OZ Andersen, G Riede, M Sillassen, CS Jeppesen, ...
Acta Biomaterialia 69, 385-394, 2018
Volume to density relation in adult human bone tissue
S Tassani, C Öhman, F Baruffaldi, M Baleani, M Viceconti
Journal of biomechanics 44 (1), 103-108, 2011
Anisotropy and inhomogeneity of the trabecular structure can describe the mechanical strength of osteoarthritic cancellous bone
S Tassani, C Öhman, M Baleani, F Baruffaldi, M Viceconti
Journal of biomechanics 43 (6), 1160-1166, 2010
Comparative study of different tendon grasping techniques for arthroscopic repair of the rotator cuff
M Baleani, C Öhman, L Guandalini, R Rotini, G Giavaresi, F Traina, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 21 (8), 799-803, 2006
Reduced tissue hardness of trabecular bone is associated with severe osteoarthritis
E Dall'Ara, C Öhman, M Baleani, M Viceconti
Journal of biomechanics 44 (8), 1593-1598, 2011
Effect of copper ion concentration on bacteria and cells
L Fowler, H Engqvist, C Öhman-Mägi
Materials 12 (22), 3798, 2019
Antibacterial investigation of titanium-copper alloys using luminescent Staphylococcus epidermidis in a direct contact test
L Fowler, O Janson, H Engqvist, S Norgren, C Öhman-Mägi
Materials Science and Engineering: C 97, 707-714, 2019
Impact of biomimicry in the design of osteoinductive bone substitutes: nanoscale matters
A Barba, A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, M Bonany, JM Sadowska, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (9), 8818-8830, 2019
Evolution of brain region volumes during artificial selection for relative brain size
A Kotrschal, HL Zeng, W van der Bijl, C Öhman-Mägi, K Kotrschal, ...
Evolution 71 (12), 2942-2951, 2017
Human bone hardness seems to depend on tissue type but not on anatomical site in the long bones of an old subject
C Öhman, I Zwierzak, M Baleani, M Viceconti
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of …, 2013
Elastic properties and strain-to-crack-initiation of calcium phosphate bone cements: Revelations of a high-resolution measurement technique
I Ajaxon, A Acciaioli, G Lionello, MP Ginebra, C Öhman-Mägi, M Baleani, ...
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 74, 428-437, 2017
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