Cheng Zhang
Cheng Zhang
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Development of a primary human Small Intestine-on-a-Chip using biopsy-derived organoids
M Kasendra, A Tovaglieri, A Sontheimer-Phelps, S Jalili-Firoozinezhad, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 2871, 2018
Reducing the RNA binding protein TIA1 protects against tau-mediated neurodegeneration in vivo
DJ Apicco, PEA Ash, B Maziuk, C LeBlang, M Medalla, A Al Abdullatif, ...
Nature neuroscience 21 (1), 72, 2018
PD-L1 (B7-H1) Competes with the RNA Exosome to Regulate the DNA Damage Response and Can Be Targeted to Sensitize to Radiation or Chemotherapy
X Tu, B Qin, Y Zhang, C Zhang, M Kahila, S Nowsheen, P Yin, J Yuan, ...
Molecular cell, 2019
p21 produces a bioactive secretome that places stressed cells under immunosurveillance
I Sturmlechner, C Zhang, CC Sine, EJ van Deursen, KB Jeganathan, ...
Science 374 (6567), eabb3420, 2021
Therapeutic target database update 2014: a resource for targeted therapeutics
C Qin, C Zhang, F Zhu, F Xu, SY Chen, P Zhang, YH Li, SY Yang, YQ Wei, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (D1), D1118-D1123, 2013
SVM-Prot 2016: a web-server for machine learning prediction of protein functional families from sequence irrespective of similarity
YH Li, JY Xu, L Tao, XF Li, S Li, X Zeng, SY Chen, P Zhang, C Qin, ...
PloS one 11 (8), e0155290, 2016
RNA binding proteins co-localize with small tau inclusions in tauopathy
BF Maziuk, DJ Apicco, AL Cruz, L Jiang, PEA Ash, EL da Rocha, C Zhang, ...
Acta neuropathologica communications 6 (1), 71, 2018
Metabolism in Pluripotent Stem Cells and Early Mammalian Development
J Zhang, J Zhao, P Dahan, V Lu, C Zhang, H Li, MA Teitell
Cell Metabolism 27 (2), 332-338, 2018
Interaction of tau with HNRNPA2B1 and N6-methyladenosine RNA mediates the progression of tauopathy
L Jiang, W Lin, C Zhang, PEA Ash, M Verma, J Kwan, E van Vliet, Z Yang, ...
Molecular Cell 81 (20), 4209-4227. e12, 2021
LMO1 Synergizes with MYCN to Promote Neuroblastoma Initiation and Metastasis
S Zhu, X Zhang, N Weichert-Leahey, Z Dong, C Zhang, G Lopez, T Tao, ...
Cancer cell 32 (3), 310-323. e5, 2017
Recent progresses in the exploration of machine learning methods as in-silico ADME prediction tools
L Tao, P Zhang, C Qin, SY Chen, C Zhang, Z Chen, F Zhu, SY Yang, ...
Advanced drug delivery reviews 86, 83-100, 2015
Dysregulation of RNA Splicing in Tauopathies
DJ Apicco, C Zhang, B Maziuk, L Jiang, HI Ballance, S Boudeau, C Ung, ...
Cell reports 29 (13), 4377-4388. e4, 2019
Ccne1 Overexpression Causes Chromosome Instability in Liver Cells and Liver Tumor Development in Mice
K Aziz, JF Limzerwala, I Sturmlechner, E Hurley, C Zhang, KB Jeganathan, ...
Gastroenterology, 2019
TGF-β inhibitors stimulate red blood cell production by enhancing self-renewal of BFU-E erythroid progenitors
X Gao, HY Lee, EL Da Rocha, C Zhang, YF Lu, D Li, Y Feng, J Ezike, ...
Blood 128 (23), 2637-2641, 2016
Gene‐specific variant classifier (DPYD‐Varifier) to identify deleterious alleles of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase
S Shrestha, C Zhang, CR Jerde, Q Nie, H Li, SM Offer, RB Diasio
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 2018
Mitofusin 2 regulates axonal transport of calpastatin to prevent neuromuscular synaptic elimination in skeletal muscles
L Wang, J Gao, J Liu, SL Siedlak, S Torres, H Fujioka, ML Huntley, ...
Cell metabolism 28 (3), 400-414. e8, 2018
Biological Significance of the Suppression of Oxidative Phosphorylation in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
C Zhang, M Skamagki, Z Liu, A Ananthanarayanan, R Zhao, H Li, K Kim
Cell reports 21 (8), 2058-2065, 2017
Machine Learning-assisted network inference approach to identify a new class of genes that coordinate the functionality of cancer networks
MG Bari, CY Ung, C Zhang, S Zhu, H Li
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 6993, 2017
Critical role for GAB2 in neuroblastoma pathogenesis through the promotion of SHP2/MYCN cooperation
X Zhang, Z Dong, C Zhang, CY Ung, S He, T Tao, AM Oliveira, A Meves, ...
Cell reports 18 (12), 2932-2942, 2017
Conserved DNA methylation combined with differential frontal cortex and cerebellar expression distinguishes C9orf72-associated and sporadic ALS, and implicates SERPINA1 in disease
MTW Ebbert, CA Ross, LJ Pregent, RJ Lank, C Zhang, RB Katzman, ...
Acta neuropathologica 134 (5), 715-728, 2017
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