Liwen Jiang
Liwen Jiang
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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1
DJ Klionsky, AK Abdel-Aziz, S Abdelfatah, M Abdellatif, A Abdoli, S Abel, ...
autophagy 17 (1), 1-382, 2021
MicroRNAs inhibit the translation of target mRNAs on the endoplasmic reticulum in Arabidopsis
S Li, L Liu, X Zhuang, Y Yu, X Liu, X Cui, L Ji, Z Pan, X Cao, B Mo, ...
Cell 153 (3), 562-574, 2013
The novel quantitative trait locus GL3. 1 controls rice grain size and yield by regulating Cyclin-T1; 3
P Qi, YS Lin, XJ Song, JB Shen, W Huang, JX Shan, MZ Zhu, L Jiang, ...
Cell research 22 (12), 1666-1680, 2012
Identification of Multivesicular Bodies as Prevacuolar Compartments in Nicotiana tabacum BY-2 Cells
YC Tse, B Mo, S Hillmer, M Zhao, SW Lo, DG Robinson, L Jiang
The Plant Cell 16 (3), 672-693, 2004
Activation of ethylene signaling is mediated by nuclear translocation of the cleaved EIN2 carboxyl terminus
X Wen, C Zhang, Y Ji, Q Zhao, W He, F An, L Jiang, H Guo
Cell research 22 (11), 1613-1616, 2012
Organelle pH in the Arabidopsis endomembrane system
J Shen, Y Zeng, X Zhuang, L Sun, X Yao, P Pimpl, L Jiang
Molecular plant 6 (5), 1419-1437, 2013
Rice SCAMP1 Defines Clathrin-Coated, trans-Golgi–Located Tubular-Vesicular Structures as an Early Endosome in Tobacco BY-2 Cells
SK Lam, CL Siu, S Hillmer, S Jang, G An, DG Robinson, L Jiang
The Plant Cell 19 (1), 296-319, 2007
A killer-protector system regulates both hybrid sterility and segregation distortion in rice
J Yang, X Zhao, K Cheng, H Du, Y Ouyang, J Chen, S Qiu, J Huang, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1336-1340, 2012
A role for the AtMTP11 gene of Arabidopsis in manganese transport and tolerance
E Delhaize, BD Gruber, JK Pittman, RG White, H Leung, Y Miao, L Jiang, ...
The Plant Journal 51 (2), 198-210, 2007
EXPO, an Exocyst-Positive Organelle Distinct from Multivesicular Endosomes and Autophagosomes, Mediates Cytosol to Cell Wall Exocytosis in Arabidopsis and …
J Wang, Y Ding, J Wang, S Hillmer, Y Miao, SW Lo, X Wang, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (12), 4009-4030, 2010
The endosomal system of plants: charting new and familiar territories
DG Robinson, L Jiang, K Schumacher
Plant physiology 147 (4), 1482-1492, 2008
Transient expression of fluorescent fusion proteins in protoplasts of suspension cultured cells
Y Miao, L Jiang
Nature protocols 2 (10), 2348-2353, 2007
Integral membrane protein sorting to vacuoles in plant cells: evidence for two pathways
L Jiang, JC Rogers
The Journal of cell biology 143 (5), 1183-1199, 1998
Molecular cloning and further characterization of a probable plant vacuolar sorting receptor
N Paris, SW Rogers, L Jiang, T Kirsch, L Beevers, TE Phillips, JC Rogers
Plant physiology 115 (1), 29-39, 1997
ATG9 regulates autophagosome progression from the endoplasmic reticulum in Arabidopsis
X Zhuang, KP Chung, Y Cui, W Lin, C Gao, BH Kang, L Jiang
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (3), E426-E435, 2017
Isolation and proteomic analysis of the SYP61 compartment reveal its role in exocytic trafficking in Arabidopsis
G Drakakaki, W Van De Ven, S Pan, Y Miao, J Wang, NF Keinath, ...
Cell research 22 (2), 413-424, 2012
A BAR-Domain Protein SH3P2, Which Binds to Phosphatidylinositol 3-Phosphate and ATG8, Regulates Autophagosome Formation in Arabidopsis
X Zhuang, H Wang, SK Lam, C Gao, X Wang, Y Cai, L Jiang
The Plant Cell 25 (11), 4596-4615, 2013
Rha1, an Arabidopsis Rab5 homolog, plays a critical role in the vacuolar trafficking of soluble cargo proteins
EJ Sohn, ES Kim, M Zhao, SJ Kim, H Kim, YW Kim, YJ Lee, S Hillmer, ...
The Plant Cell 15 (5), 1057-1070, 2003
PICK1 deficiency causes male infertility in mice by disrupting acrosome formation
N Xiao, C Kam, C Shen, W Jin, J Wang, KM Lee, L Jiang, J Xia
The Journal of clinical investigation 119 (4), 802-812, 2009
The protein storage vacuole: a unique compound organelle
L Jiang, TE Phillips, CA Hamm, YM Drozdowicz, PA Rea, M Maeshima, ...
The Journal of cell biology 155 (6), 991-1002, 2001
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