Christoph Hafemeister
Christoph Hafemeister
Postdoctoral Research Associate, St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute
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Comprehensive integration of single-cell data
T Stuart, A Butler, P Hoffman, C Hafemeister, E Papalexi, WM Mauck, ...
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Normalization and variance stabilization of single-cell RNA-seq data using regularized negative binomial regression
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Simultaneous epitope and transcriptome measurement in single cells
M Stoeckius, C Hafemeister, W Stephenson, B Houck-Loomis, ...
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Developmental diversification of cortical inhibitory interneurons
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Nature 555 (7697), 457-462, 2018
Inferring causal molecular networks: empirical assessment through a community-based effort
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An experimentally supported model of the Bacillus subtilis global transcriptional regulatory network
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Molecular systems biology 11 (11), 839, 2015
EGRINs (Environmental Gene Regulatory Influence Networks) in rice that function in the response to water deficit, high temperature, and agricultural environments
O Wilkins, C Hafemeister, A Plessis, MM Holloway-Phillips, GM Pham, ...
The Plant Cell 28 (10), 2365-2384, 2016
Robust data-driven incorporation of prior knowledge into the inference of dynamic regulatory networks
A Greenfield, C Hafemeister, R Bonneau
Bioinformatics 29 (8), 1060-1067, 2013
1: CAS: 528: DC% 2BC1MXhtFens77L: Comprehensive integration of single-cell data. vol. 177
T Stuart, A Butler, P Hoffman, C Hafemeister, E Papalexi, WM Mauck
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Optimized design of single-cell RNA sequencing experiments for cell-type-specific eQTL analysis
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Large-scale simultaneous measurement of epitopes and transcriptomes in single cells
M Stoeckius, C Hafemeister, W Stephenson, B Houck-Loomis, ...
Nature methods 14 (9), 865, 2017
Constrained mixture estimation for analysis and robust classification of clinical time series
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Multiple abiotic stimuli are integrated in the regulation of rice gene expression under field conditions
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Identification of Global Alteration of Translational Regulation in Glioma In Vivo
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Inferring differentiation pathways from gene expression
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A community challenge for inferring genetic predictors of gene essentialities through analysis of a functional screen of cancer cell lines
M Gönen, BA Weir, GS Cowley, F Vazquez, Y Guan, A Jaiswal, ...
Cell systems 5 (5), 485-497. e3, 2017
Classifying short gene expression time-courses with Bayesian estimation of piecewise constant functions
C Hafemeister, IG Costa, A Schönhuth, A Schliep
Bioinformatics 27 (7), 946-952, 2011
Gene selection for optimal prediction of cell position in tissues from single-cell transcriptomics data
J Tanevski, T Nguyen, B Truong, N Karaiskos, ME Ahsen, X Zhang, C Shu, ...
Life Science Alliance 3 (11), 2020
Genotet: An interactive web-based visual exploration framework to support validation of gene regulatory networks
B Yu, H Doraiswamy, X Chen, E Miraldi, ML Arrieta-Ortiz, C Hafemeister, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 20 (12), 1903-1912, 2014
Inference of bacterial small RNA regulatory networks and integration with transcription factor-driven regulatory networks
ML Arrieta-Ortiz, C Hafemeister, B Shuster, NS Baliga, R Bonneau, ...
Msystems 5 (3), 10.1128/msystems. 00057-20, 2020
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