Zorica Juranic
Zorica Juranic
Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia
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Bioactive hydroxyapatite/graphene composite coating and its corrosion stability in simulated body fluid
A Janković, S Eraković, M Mitrić, IZ Matić, ZD Juranić, GCP Tsui, C Tang, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 624, 148-157, 2015
Cholic acid derivatives as 1, 2, 4, 5-tetraoxane carriers: structure and antimalarial and antiproliferative activity
D Opsenica, G Pocsfalvi, Z Juranić, B Tinant, JP Declercq, DE Kyle, ...
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Biological activities of berries: from antioxidant capacity to anti-cancer effects
Z Juranić, Ž Žižak
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Biological activity and chemical composition of different berry juices
A Konić-Ristić, K Šavikin, G Zdunić, T Janković, Z Juranic, N Menković, ...
Food Chemistry 125 (4), 1412-1417, 2011
In vitro cytotoxic and antioxidative activity of Cornus mas and Cotinus coggygria
K Šavikin, G Zdunić, T Janković, T Stanojković, Z Juranić, N Menković
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Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical studies and antitumor activity of some new chalcone analogues containing ferrocenyl pyrazole moiety
Z Ratković, ZD Juranić, T Stanojković, D Manojlović, RD Vukićević, ...
Bioorganic chemistry 38 (1), 26-32, 2010
Cytotoxic constituents of Achillea clavennae from Montenegro
S Trifunović, V Vajs, Z Juranić, Ž Žižak, V Tešević, S Macura, ...
Phytochemistry 67 (9), 887-893, 2006
A novel lectin from the sponge Haliclona cratera: isolation, characterization and biological activity
I Pajic, Z Kljajic, N Dogovic, D Sladic, Z Juranic, MJ Gasic
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology …, 2002
Study of the cytotoxic activity of di and triphenyltin (IV) carboxylate complexes
S Gómez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđerović, S Prashar, E Hey-Hawkins, A Erić, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 102 (12), 2087-2096, 2008
Chamomile and marigold tea: Chemical characterization and evaluation of anticancer activity
IZ Matić, Z Juranić, K Šavikin, G Zdunić, N Nađvinski, D Gođevac
Phytotherapy research 27 (6), 852-858, 2013
Zinc (II) complexes of 2-acetyl pyridine 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-piperazinyl thiosemicarbazone: Synthesis, spectroscopic study and crystal structures–Potential anticancer drugs
TP Stanojkovic, D Kovala-Demertzi, A Primikyri, I Garcia-Santos, ...
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 104 (4), 467-476, 2010
A new generation of anticancer drugs: mesoporous materials modified with titanocene complexes
D Pérez‐Quintanilla, S Gómez‐Ruiz, Ž Žižak, I Sierra, S Prashar, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (22), 5588-5597, 2009
Synthesis of some steroidal oximes, lactams, thiolactams and their antitumor activities
NM Krstić, MS Bjelaković, Ž Žižak, MD Pavlović, ZD Juranić, VD Pavlović
Steroids 72 (5), 406-414, 2007
Antiproliferative action of water extracts of seeds or pulp of five different raspberry cultivars
Z Juranic, Z Zizak, S Tasic, S Petrovic, S Nidzovic, A Leposavic, ...
Food Chemistry 93 (1), 39-45, 2005
Cytotoxic studies of substituted titanocene and ansa-titanocene anticancer drugs
S Gomez-Ruiz, GN Kaluđerović, S Prashar, D Polo-Ceron, M Fajardo, ...
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 102 (8), 1558-1570, 2008
The effect of graphene loading on mechanical, thermal and biological properties of poly (vinyl alcohol)/graphene nanocomposites
R Surudžić, A Janković, M Mitrić, I Matić, ZD Juranić, L Živković, ...
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 34, 250-257, 2016
Synthesis, characterization and antitumor activity of novel N-substituted α-amino acids containing ferrocenyl pyrazole-moiety
MD Joksović, V Marković, ZD Juranić, T Stanojković, LS Jovanović, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 694 (24), 3935-3942, 2009
Activity of some platinum (II/IV) complexes with O, On-butyl-and O, On-pentyl-ethylenediamine-N, N′-di-3-propanoate and halogeno ligands against HeLa and K562 cell lines and …
GN Kaluđerović, VM Đinović, ZD Juranić, TP Stanojković, TJ Sabo
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 99 (2), 488-496, 2005
Tetraoxane antimalarials and their reaction with Fe (II)
I Opsenica, N Terzić, D Opsenica, G Angelovski, M Lehnig, P Eilbracht, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 49 (13), 3790-3799, 2006
Study of the influence of the metal complex on the cytotoxic activity of titanocene-functionalized mesoporous materials
GN Kaluđerović, D Pérez-Quintanilla, I Sierra, S Prashar, I del Hierro, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (4), 806-814, 2010
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