Ryan Toomey
Ryan Toomey
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Swelling behavior of thin, surface-attached polymer networks
R Toomey, D Freidank, J Rühe
Macromolecules 37 (3), 882-887, 2004
Hostile and benevolent sexism and college women’s STEM outcomes
SL Kuchynka, K Salomon, JK Bosson, M El-Hout, E Kiebel, C Cooperman, ...
Psychology of Women Quarterly 42 (1), 72-87, 2018
Functional polymer brushes in aqueous media from self-assembled and surface-initiated polymers
R Toomey, M Tirrell
Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 59 (1), 493-517, 2008
Model lipid membranes on a tunable polymer cushion
HL Smith, MS Jablin, A Vidyasagar, J Saiz, E Watkins, R Toomey, AJ Hurd, ...
Physical review letters 102 (22), 228102, 2009
Swelling-induced instabilities in microscale, surface-confined poly (N-isopropylacryamide) hydrogels
SJ DuPont Jr, RS Cates, PG Stroot, R Toomey
Soft Matter 6 (16), 3876-3882, 2010
Temperature induced volume-phase transitions in surface-tethered poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) networks
A Vidyasagar, J Majewski, R Toomey
Macromolecules 41 (3), 919-924, 2008
In-Plane Correlations in a Polymer-Supported Lipid Membrane Measured<? format?> by Off-Specular Neutron Scattering
MS Jablin, M Zhernenkov, BP Toperverg, M Dubey, HL Smith, ...
Physical review letters 106 (13), 138101, 2011
Size-exclusion “capture and release” separations using surface-patterned poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels
A Castellanos, SJ DuPont, AJ Heim, G Matthews, PG Stroot, W Moreno, ...
Langmuir 23 (11), 6391-6395, 2007
Determining the density profile of confined polymer brushes with neutron reflectivity
WA Hamilton, GS Smith, NA Alcantar, J Majewski, RG Toomey, TL Kuhl
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 42 (17), 3290-3301, 2004
Protein-surface interactions on stimuli-responsive polymeric biomaterials
MC Cross, RG Toomey, ND Gallant
Biomedical Materials 11 (2), 022002, 2016
In situ thickness determination of adsorbed layers of poly (2-vinylpyridine)− polystyrene diblock copolymers by ellipsometry
R Toomey, J Mays, M Tirrell
Macromolecules 37 (3), 905-911, 2004
Surface Instabilities in Ultrathin, Cross-Linked Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Coatings
O Ortiz, A Vidyasagar, J Wang, R Toomey
Langmuir 26 (22), 17489-17494, 2010
The effect of the Hofmeister series on the deswelling isotherms of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) and poly (N, N-diethylacrylamide)
L Patra, A Vidyasagar, R Toomey
Soft Matter 7 (13), 6061-6067, 2011
Continuous and discontinuous volume-phase transitions in surface-tethered, photo-crosslinked poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) networks
A Vidyasagar, HL Smith, J Majewski, RG Toomey
Soft Matter 5 (23), 4733-4738, 2009
Looped Polymer Brushes Formed by Self-Assembly of Poly (2-vinylpyridine)− Polystyrene− Poly (2-Vinylpyridine) Triblock Copolymers at the Solid− Fluid Interface. Kinetics of …
J Alonzo, Z Huang, M Liu, JW Mays, RG Toomey, MD Dadmun, SM Kilbey
Macromolecules 39 (24), 8434-8439, 2006
Development of mold compounds with ultralow coefficient of thermal expansion and high glass transition temperature for fan-out wafer-level packaging
V Carias, J Thompson, PD Myers, P Kumar, LM Racz, R Toomey, J Wang
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 5 (7 …, 2015
Thermoresponsive PNIPAM coatings on nanostructured gratings for cell alignment and release
M Zhernenkov, R Ashkar, H Feng, OO Akintewe, ND Gallant, R Toomey, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (22), 11857-11862, 2015
Shape-changing hydrogel surfaces trigger rapid release of patterned tissue modules
OO Akintewe, SJ DuPont, KK Elineni, MC Cross, RG Toomey, ND Gallant
Acta biomaterialia 11, 96-103, 2015
Postadsorption rearrangements of block copolymer micelles at the solid/liquid interface
R Toomey, J Mays, J Yang, M Tirrell
Macromolecules 39 (6), 2262-2267, 2006
A Cell ELISA for the quantification of MUC1 mucin (CD227) expressed by cancer cells of epithelial and neuroectodermal origin
R Falahat, M Wiranowska, ND Gallant, R Toomey, R Hill, N Alcantar
Cellular Immunology 298 (1-2), 96-103, 2015
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