Anna Diez-Escudero
Anna Diez-Escudero
Post-doctoral researcher, Uppsala University
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Osteoinduction by foamed and 3D-printed calcium phosphate scaffolds: effect of nanostructure and pore architecture
A Barba, A Diez-Escudero, Y Maazouz, K Rappe, M Espanol, EB Montufar, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (48), 41722-41736, 2017
3D-printed PLA/HA composite structures as synthetic trabecular bone: A feasibility study using fused deposition modeling
D Wu, A Spanou, A Diez-Escudero, C Persson
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 103, 103608, 2020
Osteogenesis by foamed and 3D-printed nanostructured calcium phosphate scaffolds: Effect of pore architecture
A Barba, Y Maazouz, A Diez-Escudero, K Rappe, M Espanol, EB Montufar, ...
Acta biomaterialia 79, 135-147, 2018
In vitro degradation of calcium phosphates: Effect of multiscale porosity, textural properties and composition
A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, S Beats, MP Ginebra
Acta biomaterialia 60, 81-92, 2017
Impact of biomimicry in the design of osteoinductive bone substitutes: nanoscale matters
A Barba, A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, M Bonany, JM Sadowska, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (9), 8818-8830, 2019
Osteoclast differentiation from human blood precursors on biomimetic calcium-phosphate substrates
G Ciapetti, G Di Pompo, S Avnet, D Martini, A Diez-Escudero, EB Montufar, ...
Acta biomaterialia 50, 102-113, 2017
Ion-doping as a strategy to modulate hydroxyapatite nanoparticle internalization
Z Zhao, M Espanol, J Guillem-Marti, D Kempf, A Diez-Escudero, ...
Nanoscale 8 (3), 1595-1607, 2016
Porous polylactic acid scaffolds for bone regeneration: a study of additively manufactured triply periodic minimal surfaces and their osteogenic potential
A Diez-Escudero, H Harlin, P Isaksson, C Persson
Journal of Tissue Engineering 11, 2041731420956541, 2020
Synthetic bone graft substitutes: Calcium-based biomaterials
A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, MP Ginebra
Dental Implants and Bone Grafts, 125-157, 2020
Hexagonal pore geometry and the presence of hydroxyapatite enhance deposition of mineralized bone matrix on additively manufactured polylactic acid scaffolds
A Diez-Escudero, B Andersson, C Persson, NP Hailer
Materials Science and Engineering: C 125, 112091, 2021
The effect of PCL addition on 3D-printable PLA/HA composite filaments for the treatment of bone defects
E Åkerlund, A Diez-Escudero, A Grzeszczak, C Persson
Polymers 14 (16), 3305, 2022
Heparinization of beta tricalcium phosphate: osteo‐immunomodulatory effects
A Diez‐Escudero, M Espanol, M Bonany, X Lu, C Persson, MP Ginebra
Advanced healthcare materials 7 (5), 1700867, 2018
A practical guide for evaluating the osteoimmunomodulatory properties of biomaterials
G Mestres, SSD Carter, NP Hailer, A Diez-Escudero
Acta Biomaterialia 130, 115-137, 2021
The role of silver coating for arthroplasty components
A Diez-Escudero, NP Hailer
The Bone & Joint Journal 103 (3), 423-429, 2021
Focus ion beam/scanning electron microscopy characterization of osteoclastic resorption of calcium phosphate substrates
A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, EB Montufar, G Di Pompo, G Ciapetti, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 23 (2), 118-124, 2017
Effect of calcium phosphate heparinization on the in vitro inflammatory response and osteoclastogenesis of human blood precursor cells
A Diez‐Escudero, E Torreggiani, G Di Pompo, M Espanol, C Persson, ...
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 13 (7), 1217-1229, 2019
3D-printed porous Ti6Al4V alloys with silver coating combine osteocompatibility and antimicrobial properties
A Diez-Escudero, B Andersson, E Carlsson, B Recker, H Link, JD Järhult, ...
Biomaterials advances 133, 112629, 2022
Trabecular Titanium for Orthopedic Applications: Balancing Antimicrobial with Osteoconductive Properties by Varying Silver Contents
A Diez-Escudero, E Carlsson, B Andersson, JD Järhult, NP Hailer
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (37), 41751-41763, 2022
Antimicrobial and osteoconductive properties of two different types of titanium silver coating
MG Kontakis, A Diez-Escudero, H Hariri, B Andersson, JD Järhult, ...
European Cells and Materials 41, 694-706, 2021
High-aspect-ratio nanostructured hydroxyapatite: towards new functionalities for a classical material
A Diez-Escudero, M Espanol, MP Ginebra
Chemical Science 15 (1), 55-76, 2024
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