Jason Heikenfeld
Jason Heikenfeld
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
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Wearable sensors: modalities, challenges, and prospects
J Heikenfeld, A Jajack, J Rogers, P Gutruf, L Tian, T Pan, R Li, M Khine, ...
Lab on a Chip 18 (2), 217-248, 2018
The microfluidics of the eccrine sweat gland, including biomarker partitioning, transport, and biosensing implications
Z Sonner, E Wilder, J Heikenfeld, G Kasting, F Beyette, D Swaile, ...
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A review of phased array steering for narrow-band electrooptical systems
PF McManamon, PJ Bos, MJ Escuti, J Heikenfeld, S Serati, H Xie, ...
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Accessing analytes in biofluids for peripheral biochemical monitoring
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Review Paper: A critical review of the present and future prospects for electronic paper
J Heikenfeld, P Drzaic, JS Yeo, T Koch
Journal of the Society for Information Display 19 (2), 129-156, 2011
Light emissive signage devices based on lightwave coupling
JC Heikenfeld, AJ Steckl, JD Rudolph
US Patent 7,430,355, 2008
Red light emission by photoluminescence and electroluminescence from Eu-doped GaN
J Heikenfeld, M Garter, DS Lee, R Birkhahn, AJ Steckl
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Non‐invasive analyte access and sensing through eccrine sweat: challenges and outlook circa 2016
J Heikenfeld
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Agile wide-angle beam steering with electrowetting microprisms
NR Smith, DC Abeysinghe, JW Haus, J Heikenfeld
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Electrofluidic displays using Young–Laplace transposition of brilliant pigment dispersions
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Light emissive display based on lightwave coupling
AJ Steckl, JC Heikenfeld
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Display capable electrowetting light valve
AJ Steckl, JC Heikenfeld
US Patent 7,872,790, 2011
Spectral and time-resolved photoluminescence studies of Eu-doped GaN
EE Nyein, U Hömmerich, J Heikenfeld, DS Lee, AJ Steckl, JM Zavada
Applied physics letters 82 (11), 1655-1657, 2003
Reversible electrowetting of vertically aligned superhydrophobic carbon nanofibers
MS Dhindsa, NR Smith, J Heikenfeld, PD Rack, JD Fowlkes, MJ Doktycz, ...
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Achievements and challenges for real-time sensing of analytes in sweat within wearable platforms
MC Brothers, M DeBrosse, CC Grigsby, RR Naik, SM Hussain, ...
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Multiple color capability from rare earth-doped gallium nitride
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B Raj, M Dhindsa, NR Smith, R Laughlin, J Heikenfeld
Langmuir 25 (20), 12387-12392, 2009
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