Kate L. Klein
Kate L. Klein
NIST & The University of the District of Columbia
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Vertically aligned carbon nanofibers and related structures: Controlled synthesis and directed assembly
AV Melechko, VI Merkulov, TE McKnight, MA Guillorn, KL Klein, ...
Journal of applied physics 97 (4), 2005
Different shades of oxide: From nanoscale wetting mechanisms to contact printing of gallium-based liquid metals
K Doudrick, S Liu, EM Mutunga, KL Klein, V Damle, KK Varanasi, ...
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Surface characterization and functionalization of carbon nanofibers
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Transmission electron microscopy with a liquid flow cell
KL Klein, IM Anderson, N De Jonge
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UV-induced photochemical transformations of citrate-capped silver nanoparticle suspensions
JM Gorham, RI MacCuspie, KL Klein, DH Fairbrother, RD Holbrook
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Four-probe charge transport measurements on individual vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
L Zhang, D Austin, VI Merkulov, AV Meleshko, KL Klein, MA Guillorn, ...
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Focused helium ion beam deposited low resistivity cobalt metal lines with 10 nm resolution: implications for advanced circuit editing
H Wu, LA Stern, D Xia, D Ferranti, B Thompson, KL Klein, CM Gonzalez, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 25, 587-595, 2014
Covalent functionalization and electron-transfer properties of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers: the importance of edge-plane sites
EC Landis, KL Klein, A Liao, E Pop, DK Hensley, AV Melechko, ...
Chemistry of Materials 22 (7), 2357-2366, 2010
Controlling thin film structure for the dewetting of catalyst nanoparticle arrays for subsequent carbon nanofiber growth
SJ Randolph, JD Fowlkes, AV Melechko, KL Klein, HM Meyer, ...
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BL Fletcher, ED Hullander, AV Melechko, TE McKnight, KL Klein, ...
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Cu–Ni composition gradient for the catalytic synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
KL Klein, AV Melechko, PD Rack, JD Fowlkes, HM Meyer, ML Simpson
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Single-crystal nanowires grown via electron-beam-induced deposition
KL Klein, SJ Randolph, JD Fowlkes, LF Allard, HM Meyer, ML Simpson, ...
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Site-specific biochemical functionalization along the height of vertically aligned carbon nanofiber arrays
TE McKnight, C Peeraphatdit, SW Jones, JD Fowlkes, BL Fletcher, ...
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AV Melechko, R Desikan, TE McKnight, KL Klein, PD Rack
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Focused helium and neon ion beam induced etching for advanced extreme ultraviolet lithography mask repair
CM Gonzalez, R Timilsina, G Li, G Duscher, PD Rack, W Slingenbergh, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 32 (2), 2014
Improved microchip design and application for in situ transmission electron microscopy of macromolecules
MJ Dukes, R Thomas, J Damiano, KL Klein, S Balasubramaniam, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (2), 338-345, 2014
Control of carbon nanostructure: From nanofiber toward nanotube and back
AV Melechko, KL Klein, JD Fowlkes, DK Hensley, IA Merkulov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (7), 2007
Mechanism and applications of helium transmission milling in thin membranes
S Tan, K Klein, D Shima, R Livengood, E Mutunga, A Vladár
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 32 (6), 2014
Roughness reduction of additively manufactured steel by electropolishing
P Tyagi, D Brent, T Saunders, T Goulet, C Riso, K Klein, FG Moreno
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Control of catalyst particle crystallographic orientation in vertically aligned carbon nanofiber synthesis
JD Fowlkes, AV Melechko, KL Klein, PD Rack, DA Smith, DK Hensley, ...
Carbon 44 (8), 1503-1510, 2006
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