Erik K Kastman
Erik K Kastman
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Caloric restriction delays disease onset and mortality in rhesus monkeys
RJ Colman, RM Anderson, SC Johnson, EK Kastman, KJ Kosmatka, ...
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PsychoPy2: Experiments in behavior made easy
J Peirce, JR Gray, S Simpson, M MacAskill, R Höchenberger, H Sogo, ...
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The Lifespan Human Connectome Project in Development: A large-scale study of brain connectivity development in 5–21 year olds
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Fungal networks shape dynamics of bacterial dispersal and community assembly in cheese rind microbiomes
Y Zhang, EK Kastman, JS Guasto, BE Wolfe
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A calorie-restricted diet decreases brain iron accumulation and preserves motor performance in old rhesus monkeys
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Low HDL cholesterol is associated with lower gray matter volume in cognitively healthy adults
MA Ward, BB Bendlin, DG McLaren, TM Hess, CL Gallagher, EK Kastman, ...
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Disrupted prefrontal regulation of striatal subjective value signals in psychopathy
JG Hosking, EK Kastman, HM Dorfman, GR Samanez-Larkin, ...
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Rhesus macaque brain morphometry: a methodological comparison of voxel-wise approaches
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Biotic Interactions Shape the Ecological Distributions of Staphylococcus Species
EK Kastman, N Kamelamela, JW Norville, CM Cosetta, RJ Dutton, ...
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Medial prefrontal functional connectivity—relation to memory self-appraisal accuracy in older adults with and without memory disorders
ML Ries, DG McLaren, BB Bendlin, HA Rowley, R Birn, EK Kastman, ...
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Age-related changes in neural volume and microstructure associated with interleukin-6 are ameliorated by a calorie-restricted diet in old rhesus monkeys
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Development of corticostriatal connectivity constrains goal-directed behavior during adolescence
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Calorie restriction reduces the influence of glucoregulatory dysfunction on regional brain volume in aged rhesus monkeys
AA Willette, BB Bendlin, RJ Colman, EK Kastman, AS Field, AL Alexander, ...
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Calorie restriction reduces psychological stress reactivity and its association with brain volume and microstructure in aged rhesus monkeys
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Rapid Phenotypic and Metabolomic Domestication of Wild Penicillium Molds on Cheese
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Selective mapping of psychopathy and externalizing to dissociable circuits for inhibitory self-control
AM Rodman, EK Kastman, HM Dorfman, AR Baskin-Sommers, KA Kiehl, ...
Clinical Psychological Science 4 (3), 559-571, 2016
Increase in suicidal thinking during COVID-19
RG Fortgang, SB Wang, AJ Millner, A Reid-Russell, AL Beukenhorst, ...
Clinical Psychological Science 9 (3), 482-488, 2021
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