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Ab-Initio Simulation of van der Waals MoTe2–SnS2 Heterotunneling FETs for Low-Power Electronics
A Szabo, SJ Koester, M Luisier
IEEE Electron Device Letters 36 (5), 514-516, 2015
Ab initio simulation of single- and few-layer transistors: Effect of electron-phonon scattering
Á Szabó, R Rhyner, M Luisier
Physical Review B 92 (3), 035435, 2015
One-dimensional edge contacts to a monolayer semiconductor
A Jain, Á Szabó, M Parzefall, E Bonvin, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Nano letters 19 (10), 6914-6923, 2019
Light from van der Waals quantum tunneling devices
M Parzefall, Á Szabó, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, M Luisier, L Novotny
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-9, 2019
2-D Materials for Ultrascaled Field-Effect Transistors: One Hundred Candidates under the Ab Initio Microscope
C Klinkert, Á Szabó, C Stieger, D Campi, N Marzari, M Luisier
ACS nano 14 (7), 8605-8615, 2020
Group-II acceptors in wurtzite AlN: A screened hybrid density functional study
A Szabo, NT Son, E Janzén, A Gali
Applied Physics Letters 96 (19), 192110, 2010
Electron Transport through Metal/MoS2 Interfaces: Edge- or Area-Dependent Process?
Á Szabó, A Jain, M Parzefall, L Novotny, M Luisier
Nano letters 19 (6), 3641-3647, 2019
Effect of oxygen on single-wall silicon carbide nanotubes studied by first-principles calculations
Á Szabó, A Gali
Physical Review B 80 (7), 075425, 2009
MoS2/MoTe2 Heterostructure Tunnel FETs Using Gated Schottky Contacts
Y Balaji, Q Smets, Á Śzabo, M Mascaro, D Lin, I Asselberghs, I Radu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (4), 1905970, 2020
First-principles simulations of 2-D semiconductor devices: Mobility, IV characteristics, and contact resistance
M Luisier, A Szabo, C Stieger, C Klinkert, S Brück, A Jain, L Novotny
2016 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 5.4. 1-5.4. 4, 2016
Phonon-limited performance of single-layer, single-gate black phosphorus n-and p-type field-effect transistors
A Szabo, R Rhyner, H Carrillo-Nunez, M Luisier
2015 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 12.1. 1-12.1. 4, 2015
Metal-dichalcogenide hetero-TFETs: Are they a viable option for low power electronics?
A Szabo, SJ Koester, M Luisier
72nd Device Research Conference, 19-20, 2014
Ab Initio Simulation of Band-to-Band Tunneling FETs With Single- and Few-Layer 2-D Materials as Channels
A Szabo, C Klinkert, D Campi, C Stieger, N Marzari, M Luisier
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 65 (10), 4180-4187, 2018
Ab-initio quantum transport simulation of self-heating in single-layer 2-D materials
C Stieger, A Szabo, T Bunjaku, M Luisier
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (4), 045708, 2017
Under-the-barrier model: An extension of the top-of-the-barrier model to efficiently and accurately simulate ultrascaled nanowire transistors
A Szabo, M Luisier
IEEE transactions on electron devices 60 (7), 2353-2360, 2013
Ab-initio simulations of MoS2 transistors: From mobility calculation to device performance evaluation
A Szabo, R Rhyner, M Luisier
2014 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 30.4. 1-30.4. 4, 2014
Benchmarking of monolithic 3D integrated MX2 FETs with Si FinFETs
T Agarwal, A Szabo, MG Bardon, B Sorée, I Radu, P Raghavan, M Luisier, ...
2017 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 5.7. 1-5.7. 4, 2017
Dissipative quantum transport simulations in two-dimensional semiconductor devices from first principles
Á Szabó
ETH Zurich, 2016
Defects at nitrogen site in electron-irradiated AlN
NT Son, A Gali, Á Szabó, M Bickermann, T Ohshima, J Isoya, E Janzén
Applied Physics Letters 98 (24), 242116, 2011
Atomistic simulation of nanodevices
M Luisier, R Rhyner, A Szabo, A Pedersen
2016 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and …, 2016
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