Drago Žagar
Drago Žagar
University of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Security aspects in IPv6 networks–implementation and testing
D Žagar, K Grgić, S Rimac-Drlje
Computers & Electrical Engineering 33 (5-6), 425-437, 2007
Influence of temporal pooling method on the objective video quality evaluation
S Rimac-Drlje, M Vranjes, D Zagar
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IPv6 security threats and possible solutions
D Zagar, K Grgic
2006 World Automation Congress, 1-7, 2006
Quality of service in wireless sensor networks: A survey and related patents
J Balen, D Zagar, G Martinovic
Recent Patents on Computer Science 4 (3), 188-202, 2011
Foveated mean squared error—a novel video quality metric
S Rimac-Drlje, M Vranješ, D Žagar
Multimedia tools and applications 49 (3), 425-445, 2010
Medical applications of wireless sensor networks-current status and future directions.
K Grgić, D Žagar, V Križanović
Medicinski Glasnik 9 (1), 2012
Objective video quality metrics
M Vranjes, S Rimac-Drlje, D Zagar
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Subjective and objective quality evaluation of the H. 264/AVC coded video
M Vranjes, S Rimac-Drlje, D Zagar
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Power consumption and RF propagation analysis on ZigBee XBee modules for ATPC
G Horvat, D Šoštarić, D Žagar
2012 35th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal …, 2012
Analyses and comparisons of technologies for rural broadband implementation
D Zagar, V Krizanovic
SoftCOM 2009-17th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications …, 2009
Household power outlet overload protection and monitoring using cost effective embedded solution
G Horvat, D Vinko, D Žagar
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Reduction of sidelobes by nonuniform elements spacing of a spherical antenna array
S Rupcic, V Mandric, D Zagar
Radioengineering 20 (1), 299-306, 2011
User authorization system using ZigBee WSN and AVR architecture
G Horvat, D Šoštarić, D Žagar
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Techno-economic analyses of wireline and wireless broadband access networks deployment in croatian rural areas
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Analyses and comparisons of fixed access technologies for rural broadband implementation
V Krizanovic, K Grgic, D Zagar
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Better bandwidth utilization of multiple link capacities with mutual traffic correlation
S Krile, D Žagar, G Martinović
Tehnički vjesnik 16 (4), 11-18, 2009
Security in IPv6-based wireless sensor network—Precision agriculture example
K Grgic, D Zagar, V Krizanovic
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Telecommunications, 79-86, 2013
Optimization of the spherical antenna arrays
V Mandrić, S Rupčić, D Žagar
Proceedings ELMAR-2012, 287-292, 2012
Mobile broadband access networks planning and evaluation using techno-economic criteria
V Krizanovic, D Zagar, G Martinovic
Proceedings of the ITI 2012 34th International Conference on Information …, 2012
Implementation of IPv6 network testbed: Intrusion detection system on transition mechanism
N Bahaman, P Anton Satria, Z Mas' ud
Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (1), 118-124, 2011
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