Cristina G. Fernandes
Cristina G. Fernandes
Professor of Computer Science, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Motif search in graphs: application to metabolic networks
V Lacroix, CG Fernandes, MF Sagot
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics 3 (4), 360-368, 2006
A MILP model for an extended version of the flexible job shop problem
EG Birgin, P Feofiloff, CG Fernandes, EL De Melo, MTI Oshiro, ...
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Multicuts in unweighted graphs with bounded degree and bounded tree-width
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A better approximation algorithm for finding planar subgraphs
G Călinescu, CG Fernandes, U Finkler, H Karloff
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A better approximation ratio for the minimum k-edge-connected spanning subgraph problem
CG Fernandes
Journal of Algorithms (See also Proceedings of the Eighth Annual ACM-SIAM …, 1998
Uma introduçao sucinta a algoritmos de aproximaçao
MH Carvalho, MR Cerioli, R Dahab, P Feofiloff, CG Fernandes, ...
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Repetition-free longest common subsequence
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Primal-dual approximation algorithms for the prize-collecting Steiner tree problem
P Feofiloff, CG Fernandes, CE Ferreira, JC de Pina
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Nonempty intersection of longest paths in series–parallel graphs
G Chen, J Ehrenmüller, CG Fernandes, CG Heise, S Shan, P Yang, ...
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Intersecting longest paths
SF De Rezende, CG Fernandes, DM Martin, Y Wakabayashi
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A Systematic Approach to Bound Factor Revealing LPs and Its Application to the Metric and Squared Metric Facility Location Problems
CG Fernandes, LAA Meira, FK Miyazawa, LLC Pedrosa
Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and …, 2012
A new approximation algorithm for finding heavy planar subgraphs
G Calinescu, CG Fernandes, H Karloff, A Zelikovsky
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Reaction motifs in metabolic networks
V Lacroix, C Fernandes, MF Sagot
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Minimum cycle cover and Chinese postman problems on mixed graphs with bounded tree-width
CG Fernandes, O Lee, Y Wakabayashi
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The envy-free pricing problem, unit-demand markets and connections with the network pricing problem
CG Fernandes, CE Ferreira, AJP Franco, RCS Schouery
Discrete Optimization 22, 141-161, 2016
Approximating a class of combinatorial problems with rational objective function
JR Correa, CG Fernandes, Y Wakabayashi
Mathematical programming 124, 255-269, 2010
A 5/3-approximation for finding spanning trees with many leaves in cubic graphs
J Correa, C Fernandes, M Matamala, Y Wakabayashi
Approximation and Online Algorithms (WAOA), 184-192, 2008
A note on Johnson, Minkoff and Phillips' algorithm for the prize-collecting Steiner tree problem
P Feofiloff, CG Fernandes, CE Ferreira, JC de Pina
arXiv preprint arXiv:1004.1437, 2010
Improved approximation algorithms for capacitated fault-tolerant k-center
CG Fernandes, SP de Paula, LLC Pedrosa
Algorithmica 80 (3), 1041-1072, 2018
Selfish square packing
CG Fernandes, CE Ferreira, FK Miyazawa, Y Wakabayashi
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 37, 369-374, 2011
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