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Giant tunnelling magnetoresistance at room temperature with MgO (100) tunnel barriers
SSP Parkin, C Kaiser, A Panchula, PM Rice, B Hughes, M Samant, ...
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Chiral spin torque at magnetic domain walls
KS Ryu, L Thomas, SH Yang, S Parkin
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Memory on the racetrack
S Parkin, SH Yang
Nature nanotechnology 10 (3), 195-198, 2015
Domain-wall velocities of up to 750 m s−1 driven by exchange-coupling torque in synthetic antiferromagnets
SH Yang, KS Ryu, S Parkin
Nature nanotechnology 10 (3), 221-226, 2015
Role of transparency of platinum–ferromagnet interfaces in determining the intrinsic magnitude of the spin Hall effect
W Zhang, W Han, X Jiang, SH Yang, S SP Parkin
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KU Demasius, T Phung, W Zhang, BP Hughes, SH Yang, A Kellock, ...
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Chiral spin torque arising from proximity-induced magnetization
KS Ryu, SH Yang, L Thomas, SSP Parkin
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K Banerjee-Ghosh, O Ben Dor, F Tassinari, E Capua, S Yochelis, ...
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Nature Mater. 3, 862 (2004)
SSP Parkin, C Kaiser, A Panchula, PM Rice, B Hughes, M Samant, ...
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W Zhang, W Han, SH Yang, Y Sun, Y Zhang, B Yan, SSP Parkin
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Observation of Edge Transport in the Disordered Regime of Topologically Insulating Quantum Wells
I Knez, CT Rettner, SH Yang, SSP Parkin, L Du, RR Du, G Sullivan
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Enhanced interface perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Ta| CoFeB| MgO using nitrogen doped Ta underlayers
J Sinha, M Hayashi, AJ Kellock, S Fukami, M Yamanouchi, H Sato, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (24), 242405, 2013
Magnetization switching in ferromagnets by adsorbed chiral molecules without current or external magnetic field
O Ben Dor, S Yochelis, A Radko, K Vankayala, E Capua, A Capua, ...
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Domain wall trajectory determined by its fractional topological edge defects
A Pushp, T Phung, C Rettner, BP Hughes, SH Yang, L Thomas, ...
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Current induced tilting of domain walls in high velocity motion along perpendicularly magnetized micron-sized Co/Ni/Co racetracks
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Experimental investigation of temperature-dependent Gilbert damping in permalloy thin films
Y Zhao, Q Song, SH Yang, T Su, W Yuan, SSP Parkin, J Shi, W Han
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Roadmap of spin–orbit torques
Q Shao, P Li, L Liu, H Yang, S Fukami, A Razavi, H Wu, K Wang, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 57 (7), 1-39, 2021
Bias Voltage Dependence of Tunneling Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with MgO and Tunnel Barriers
L Gao, X Jiang, SH Yang, JD Burton, EY Tsymbal, SSP Parkin
Physical review letters 99 (22), 226602, 2007
Extremely long quasiparticle spin lifetimes in superconducting aluminium using MgO tunnel spin injectors
H Yang, SH Yang, S Takahashi, S Maekawa, SSP Parkin
Nature materials 9 (7), 586-593, 2010
Direct observation of high-temperature polaronic behavior in colossal magnetoresistive manganites
N Mannella, A Rosenhahn, CH Booth, S Marchesini, BS Mun, SH Yang, ...
Physical review letters 92 (16), 166401, 2004
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