John Quinn
John Quinn
Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool
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Estrogen control of central neurotransmission: effect on mood, mental state, and memory
G Fink, BEH Sumner, R Rosie, O Grace, JP Quinn
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A serotonin transporter gene intron 2 polymorphic region, correlated with affective disorders, has allele-dependent differential enhancer-like properties in the mouse embryo
A MacKenzie, J Quinn
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (26), 15251-15255, 1999
An intronic polymorphic domain often associated with susceptibility to affective disorders has allele dependent differential enhancer activity in embryonic stem cells
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Genome-wide association study of major recurrent depression in the UK population
CM Lewis, MY Ng, AW Butler, S Cohen-Woods, R Uher, K Pirlo, ...
American Journal of Psychiatry 167 (8), 949-957, 2010
DNA sequence of the region in the genome of herpes simplex virus type 1 containing the genes for DNA polymerase and the major DNA binding protein
JP Quinn, DJ McGeoch
Nucleic acids research 13 (22), 8143-8163, 1985
A dopamine transporter gene functional variant associated with cocaine abuse in a Brazilian sample
C Guindalini, M Howard, K Haddley, R Laranjeira, D Collier, N Ammar, ...
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The dopamine transporter gene (SLC6A3) variable number of tandem repeats domain enhances transcription in dopamine neurons
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Structure of a variable number tandem repeat of the serotonin transporter gene and association with affective disorder.
S Battersby, AD Ogilvie, CA Smith, DH Blackwood, WJ Muir, JP Quinn, ...
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A splice variant of the neuron-restrictive silencer factor repressor is expressed in small cell lung cancer: a potential role in derepression of neuroendocrine genes and a …
JM Coulson, JL Edgson, PJ Woll, JP Quinn
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Nitric oxide, a biological double-faced janus-Is this good or bad?
T Thippeswamy, JS McKay, JP Quinn, R Morris
Histology and histopathology, 2006
The serotonin transporter intronic VNTR enhancer correlated with a predisposition to affective disorders has distinct regulatory elements within the domain based on the primary …
EA Lovejoy, AC Scott, CE Fiskerstrand, VJ Bubb, JP Quinn
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Behavioural analysis of a nociceptive event in fish: Comparisons between three species demonstrate specific responses
SC Reilly, JP Quinn, AR Cossins, LU Sneddon
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Behavioural changes in the rat following infection with varicella-zoster virus
SM Fleetwood-Walker, JP Quinn, C Wallace, G Blackburn-Munro, ...
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Effects of prenatal and postnatal depression, and maternal stroking, at the glucocorticoid receptor gene
C Murgatroyd, JP Quinn, HM Sharp, A Pickles, J Hill
Translational psychiatry 5 (5), e560, 2015
YB-1 and CTCF differentially regulate the 5-HTT polymorphic intron 2 enhancer which predisposes to a variety of neurological disorders
E Klenova, AC Scott, J Roberts, S Shamsuddin, EA Lovejoy, S Bergmann, ...
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Regulation and role of REST and REST4 variants in modulation of gene expression in in vivo and in vitro in epilepsy models
EM Spencer, KE Chandler, K Haddley, MR Howard, D Hughes, ...
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Allodynia in rats infected with varicella zoster virus—a small animal model for post-herpetic neuralgia
RG Dalziel, S Bingham, D Sutton, D Grant, JM Champion, SA Dennis, ...
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Tachykinin expression in cartilage and function in human articular chondrocyte mechanotransduction
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Molecular genetics of monoamine transporters: relevance to brain disorders
K Haddley, AS Vasiliou, FR Ali, UM Paredes, VJ Bubb, JP Quinn
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Combinatorial interaction between two human serotonin transporter gene variable number tandem repeats and their regulation by CTCF
FR Ali, SA Vasiliou, K Haddley, UM Paredes, JC Roberts, F Miyajima, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 112 (1), 296-306, 2010
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