Kun Chen (陈锟)
Kun Chen (陈锟)
Flatiron institute
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Deconfined criticality flow in the Heisenberg model with ring-exchange interactions
K Chen, Y Huang, Y Deng, AB Kuklov, NV Prokof’ev, BV Svistunov
Physical review letters 110 (18), 185701, 2013
Entanglement and charge-sharpening transitions in U (1) symmetric monitored quantum circuits
U Agrawal, A Zabalo, K Chen, JH Wilson, AC Potter, JH Pixley, ...
Physical Review X 12 (4), 041002, 2022
Universal conductivity in a two-dimensional superfluid-to-insulator quantum critical system
K Chen, L Liu, Y Deng, L Pollet, N Prokof’ev
Physical review letters 112 (3), 030402, 2014
A combined variational and diagrammatic quantum Monte Carlo approach to the many-electron problem
K Chen, K Haule
Nature communications 10 (1), 3725, 2019
Spin-ice state of the quantum heisenberg antiferromagnet on the pyrochlore lattice
Y Huang, K Chen, Y Deng, N Prokof’ev, B Svistunov
Physical review letters 116 (17), 177203, 2016
Universal Properties of the Higgs Resonance in ()-Dimensional U(1) Critical Systems
K Chen, L Liu, Y Deng, L Pollet, N Prokof’ev
Physical Review Letters 110 (17), 170403, 2013
Discrete Lehmann representation of imaginary time Green's functions
J Kaye, K Chen, O Parcollet
Physical Review B 105 (23), 235115, 2022
Dynamic response of an electron gas: Towards the exact exchange-correlation kernel
JPF LeBlanc, K Chen, K Haule, NV Prokof’ev, IS Tupitsyn
Physical review letters 129 (24), 246401, 2022
Massive Goldstone (Higgs) mode in two-dimensional ultracold atomic lattice systems
L Liu, K Chen, Y Deng, M Endres, L Pollet, N Prokof'ev
Physical Review B 92 (17), 174521, 2015
Two-dimensional Potts antiferromagnets with a phase transition at arbitrarily large
Y Huang, K Chen, Y Deng, JL Jacobsen, R Kotecký, J Salas, AD Sokal, ...
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 87 (1 …, 2013
Single-particle excitations in the uniform electron gas by diagrammatic Monte Carlo
K Haule, K Chen
Scientific reports 12 (1), 2294, 2022
Quantitative electron-electron interaction using local field factors from quantum Monte Carlo calculations
CA Kukkonen, K Chen
Physical Review B 104 (19), 195142, 2021
libdlr: Efficient imaginary time calculations using the discrete Lehmann representation
J Kaye, K Chen, HUR Strand
arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.06765, 2021
Exchange-correlation effect in the charge response of a warm dense electron gas
PC Hou, BZ Wang, K Haule, Y Deng, K Chen
Physical Review B 106 (8), L081126, 2022
Finite-size scaling of O(n) systems at the upper critical dimensionality
JP Lv, W Xu, Y Sun, K Chen, Y Deng
National Science Review 8 (3), nwaa212, 2021
Trapping collapse: Infinite number of repulsive bosons trapped by a generic short-range potential
K Chen, NV Prokof'ev, BV Svistunov
Physical Review A 98 (4), 041602, 2018
Trapping centers at the superfluid–Mott-insulator criticality: Transition between charge-quantized states
Y Huang, K Chen, Y Deng, B Svistunov
Physical Review B 94 (22), 220502, 2016
Origin of the Coulomb pseudopotential
T Wang, X Cai, K Chen, BV Svistunov, NV Prokof'ev
Physical Review B 107 (14), L140507, 2023
Superconductivity in the uniform electron gas: Irrelevance of the Kohn-Luttinger mechanism
X Cai, T Wang, NV Prokof'ev, BV Svistunov, K Chen
Physical Review B 106 (22), L220502, 2022
Low-rank Green's function representations applied to dynamical mean-field theory
N Sheng, A Hampel, S Beck, O Parcollet, N Wentzell, J Kaye, K Chen
Physical Review B 107 (24), 245123, 2023
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