Brigitte Bacroix
Brigitte Bacroix
DR CNRS, LSPM, Université Paris13, Villetaneuse
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Phase transformation and mechanical behavior in annealed 2205 duplex stainless steel welds
R Badji, M Bouabdallah, B Bacroix, C Kahloun, B Belkessa, H Maza
Materials characterization 59 (4), 447-453, 2008
Effect of vanadium and molybdenum addition on high temperature recovery, recrystallization and precipitation behavior of niobium-based microalloyed steels
MG Akben, B Bacroix, JJ Jonas
Acta Metallurgica 31 (1), 161-174, 1983
Effect of solution treatment temperature on the precipitation kinetic of σ-phase in 2205 duplex stainless steel welds
R Badji, M Bouabdallah, B Bacroix, C Kahloun, K Bettahar, N Kherrouba
Materials Science and Engineering: A 496 (1-2), 447-454, 2008
Yield surfaces for textured polycrystals—I. Crystallographic approach
P Lequeu, P Gilormini, F Montheillet, B Bacroix, JJ Jonas
Acta Metallurgica 35 (2), 439-451, 1987
Work-hardening/softening behaviour of bcc polycrystals during changing strain:: Part II. TEM observations of dislocation sheets in an IF steel during two-stage strain paths and …
B Peeters, B Bacroix, C Teodosiu, P Van Houtte, E Aernoudt
Acta Materialia 49 (9), 1621-1632, 2001
Texture, misorientation and mechanical anisotropy in a deformed dual phase stainless steel weld joint
R Badji, T Chauveau, B Bacroix
Materials Science and Engineering: A 575, 94-103, 2013
Macroscopic and microscopic aspects of the deformation and fracture mechanisms of ultrafine-grained aluminum processed by hot isostatic pressing
S Billard, JP Fondère, B Bacroix, GF Dirras
Acta materialia 54 (2), 411-421, 2006
Estimation of recrystallized volume fraction from EBSD data
J Tarasiuk, P Gerber, B Bacroix
Acta materialia 50 (6), 1467-1477, 2002
Texture, microstructure and anisotropic properties in annealed 2205 duplex stainless steel welds
R Badji, B Bacroix, M Bouabdallah
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Investigation of plastic deformation heterogeneities in duplex steel by EBSD
S Wroński, J Tarasiuk, B Bacroix, A Baczmański, C Braham
Materials Characterization 73, 52-60, 2012
Microstructure and texture evolution under strain-path changes in low-carbon interstitial-free steel
EV Nesterova, B Bacroix, C Teodosiu
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 32, 2527-2538, 2001
A study of recovery and primary recrystallization mechanisms in a Zr–2Hf alloy
KY Zhu, D Chaubet, B Bacroix, F Brisset
Acta Materialia 53 (19), 5131-5140, 2005
Grain to grain slip activity in plastically deformed Zr determined by X-ray micro-diffraction line profile analysis
T Ungár, O Castelnau, G Ribárik, M Drakopoulos, JL Béchade, ...
Acta materialia 55 (3), 1117-1127, 2007
A quantitative analysis of the evolution of texture and stored energy during annealing of cold rolled copper
P Gerber, J Tarasiuk, T Chauveau, B Bacroix
Acta materialia 51 (20), 6359-6371, 2003
Modeling of latent hardening produced by complex loading paths in FCC alloys
C Gérard, G Cailletaud, B Bacroix
International journal of plasticity 42, 194-212, 2013
On plastic potentials for anisotropic metals and their derivation from the texture function
M Arminjon, B Bacroix
Acta Mechanica 88 (3), 219-243, 1991
Effect of deformation mode and grain orientation on misorientation development in a body-centered cubic steel
JY Kang, B Bacroix, H Réglé, KH Oh, HC Lee
Acta materialia 55 (15), 4935-4946, 2007
Role of stored energy in static recrystallization of cold rolled copper single and multicrystals
G Mohamed, B Bacroix
Acta materialia 48 (13), 3295-3302, 2000
Microstructure evolution and grain refinement in asymmetrically rolled aluminium
S Wronski, B Bacroix
Acta Materialia 76, 404-412, 2014
The Influence of Non‐Octahedral Slip on Texture Development in FCC Metals
B Bacroix, JJ Jonas
Texture, Stress, and Microstructure 8 (1), 267-311, 1988
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