Amalia Patane
Amalia Patane
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High electron mobility, quantum Hall effect and anomalous optical response in atomically thin InSe
DA Bandurin, AV Tyurnina, GL Yu, A Mishchenko, V Zólyomi, SV Morozov, ...
Nature nanotechnology 12 (3), 223-227, 2017
Tuning the bandgap of exfoliated InSe nanosheets by quantum confinement
GW Mudd, SA Svatek, T Ren, A Patanè, O Makarovsky, L Eaves, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 25 (40), 5714, 2013
Production and processing of graphene and related materials
C Backes, AM Abdelkader, C Alonso, A Andrieux-Ledier, R Arenal, ...
2D Materials 7 (2), 022001, 2020
High broad‐band photoresponsivity of mechanically formed InSe–graphene van der Waals heterostructures
GW Mudd, SA Svatek, L Hague, O Makarovsky, ZR Kudrynskyi, CJ Mellor, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 27 (25), 3760, 2015
Temperature dependence of the optical properties of self-organized quantum dots
A Polimeni, A Patane, M Henini, L Eaves, PC Main
Physical Review B 59 (7), 5064, 1999
Imaging the electron wave function in self-assembled quantum dots
EE Vdovin, A Levin, A Patane, L Eaves, PC Main, YN Khanin, ...
Science 290 (5489), 122-124, 2000
Fast, multicolor photodetection with graphene-contacted p-GaSe/n-InSe van der Waals heterostructures
F Yan, L Zhao, A Patanè, PA Hu, X Wei, W Luo, D Zhang, Q Lv, Q Feng, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (27), 27LT01, 2017
The direct-to-indirect band gap crossover in two-dimensional van der Waals Indium Selenide crystals
GW Mudd, MR Molas, X Chen, V Zólyomi, K Nogajewski, ZR Kudrynskyi, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 39619, 2016
Chaotic electron diffusion through stochastic webs enhances current flow in superlattices
TM Fromhold, A Patane, S Bujkiewicz, PB Wilkinson, D Fowler, ...
Nature 428 (6984), 726-730, 2004
Design of van der Waals interfaces for broad-spectrum optoelectronics
N Ubrig, E Ponomarev, J Zultak, D Domaretskiy, V Zolyomi, D Terry, ...
Nature Materials, 2020
High-detectivity ultraviolet photodetectors based on laterally mesoporous GaN
L Liu, C Yang, A Patanè, Z Yu, F Yan, K Wang, H Lu, J Li, L Zhao
Nanoscale 9 (24), 8142-8148, 2017
Temperature dependence of the photoluminescence emission from thiol-capped PbS quantum dots
L Turyanska, A Patane, M Henini, B Hennequin, NR Thomas
Applied Physics Letters 90 (10), 2007
Probing the quantum states of self-assembled InAs dots by magnetotunneling spectroscopy
A Patane, RJA Hill, L Eaves, PC Main, M Henini, ML Zambrano, A Levin, ...
Physical Review B 65 (16), 165308, 2002
Epitaxial growth of γ -InSe and α , β , and γ -In 2 Se 3 on ε -GaSe
N Balakrishnan, ED Steer, EF Smith, ZR Kudrynskyi, ZD Kovalyuk, ...
2D Materials 5 (3), 035026, 2018
Phonon-assisted resonant tunneling of electrons in graphene–boron nitride transistors
EE Vdovin, A Mishchenko, MT Greenaway, MJ Zhu, D Ghazaryan, A Misra, ...
Physical review letters 116 (18), 186603, 2016
Aqueous near infrared fluorescent composites based on apoferritin-encapsulated PbS quantum dots
B Hennequin, L Turyanska, T Ben, AM Beltran, SI Molina, M Li, S Mann, ...
University of Nottingham 20 (19), 3592-3596, 2008
Quantum confinement and photoresponsivity of β-In2Se3 nanosheets grown by physical vapour transport
N Balakrishnan, CR Staddon, EF Smith, J Stec, D Gay, GW Mudd, ...
2D Materials 3 (2), 025030, 2016
Engineering p–n junctions and bandgap tuning of InSe nanolayers by controlled oxidation
N Balakrishnan, ZR Kudrynskyi, EF Smith, MW Fay, O Makarovsky, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 025043, 2017
Universal mobility characteristics of graphene originating from charge scattering by ionised impurities
JH Gosling, O Makarovsky, F Wang, ND Cottam, MT Greenaway, ...
Communications Physics 4 (1), 30, 2021
Linear magnetoresistance due to multiple-electron scattering by low-mobility islands in an inhomogeneous conductor
NV Kozlova, N Mori, O Makarovsky, L Eaves, QD Zhuang, A Krier, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1097, 2012
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