Pierre Bellec
Pierre Bellec
CRIUGM, Psychology, University of Montreal
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Contributions of the basal ganglia and functionally related brain structures to motor learning
J Doyon, P Bellec, R Amsel, V Penhune, O Monchi, J Carrier, S Lehéricy, ...
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An open science resource for establishing reliability and reproducibility in functional connectomics
XN Zuo, JS Anderson, P Bellec, RM Birn, BB Biswal, J Blautzik, J Breitner, ...
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A convergent functional architecture of the insula emerges across imaging modalities
C Kelly, R Toro, A Di Martino, CL Cox, P Bellec, FX Castellanos, ...
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Multi-level bootstrap analysis of stable clusters in resting-state fMRI
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BIDS apps: Improving ease of use, accessibility, and reproducibility of neuroimaging data analysis methods
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The neuro bureau ADHD-200 preprocessed repository
P Bellec, C Chu, F Chouinard-Decorte, Y Benhajali, DS Margulies, ...
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CORSICA: correction of structured noise in fMRI by automatic identification of ICA components
V Perlbarg, P Bellec, JL Anton, M Pélégrini-Issac, J Doyon, H Benali
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P Bellec, V Perlbarg, S Jbabdi, M Pélégrini-Issac, JL Anton, J Doyon, ...
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A multiomics approach to heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease: focused review and roadmap
AP Badhwar, GP McFall, S Sapkota, SE Black, H Chertkow, S Duchesne, ...
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Age dependence of hemodynamic response characteristics in human functional magnetic resonance imaging
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Global and system-specific resting-state BOLD fluctuations are uncorrelated: principal component analysis reveals anti-correlated networks
FM Carbonell, P Bellec, A Shmuel
Brain Connectivity 6, 11, 2012
The pipeline system for Octave and Matlab (PSOM): a lightweight scripting framework and execution engine for scientific workflows
P Bellec, S Lavoie-Courchesne, P Dickinson, JP Lerch, AP Zijdenbos, ...
Frontiers in neuroinformatics 6, 7, 2012
Functional connectivity in patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsy
F Moeller, M Maneshi, F Pittau, T Gholipour, P Bellec, F Dubeau, C Grova, ...
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Age-related differences in test-retest reliability in resting-state brain functional connectivity
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Resting state FDG-PET functional connectivity as an early biomarker of Alzheimer's disease using conjoint univariate and independent component analyses
PJ Toussaint, V Perlbarg, P Bellec, S Desarnaud, L Lacomblez, J Doyon, ...
Neuroimage 63 (2), 936-946, 2012
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