Željka Maglica
Željka Maglica
Assistant Professor at the University of Rijeka, Croatia
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Thermotolerance requires refolding of aggregated proteins by substrate translocation through the central pore of ClpB
J Weibezahn, P Tessarz, C Schlieker, R Zahn, Z Maglica, S Lee, ...
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Clp chaperone–proteases: structure and function
W Kress, Ž Maglica, E Weber-Ban
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An intrinsic degradation tag on the ClpA C-terminus regulates the balance of ClpAP complexes with different substrate specificity
Ž Maglica, F Striebel, E Weber-Ban
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Single-cell tracking reveals antibiotic-induced changes in mycobacterial energy metabolism
Ž Maglica, E Özdemir, JD McKinney
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Optimal efficiency of ClpAP and ClpXP chaperone-proteases is achieved by architectural symmetry
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The flexible attachment of the N-domains to the ClpA ring body allows their use on demand
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BactImAS: a platform for processing and analysis of bacterial time-lapse microscopy movies
I Mekterović, D Mekterović, Ž Maglica
BMC bioinformatics 15 (1), 251, 2014
FixK2, a key regulator in Bradyrhizobium japonicum, is a substrate for the protease ClpAP in vitro
M Bonnet, M Stegmann, Ž Maglica, E Stiegeler, E Weber-Ban, ...
FEBS letters 587 (1), 88-93, 2013
Inhibition of DNA methylation alters chromatin organization, nuclear positioning and activity of 45S rDNA loci in cycling cells of Q. robur
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Min-protein oscillations in E. coli: three-dimensional off-lattice stochastic reaction-diffusion model
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Protein trafficking into chloroplasts-country roads or super highways
H Fulgosi, Ž Maglica
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Bacteria—Human Interactions: Leads for Personalized Medicine
Ž Maglica, M Ožbolt
Personalized Medicine in Healthcare Systems, 89-98, 2019
Inhibition of DNA Methylation Alters Chromatin Organization
VV Bockor, D Barišic, T Horvat, Z Maglica, A Vojta
Nuclear Positioning and, 2014
Investigation of architectural symmetry in ClpAP and ClpXP protease assemblies and analysis of the mechanism of ClpAP-mediated ClpA autodegradation
Ž Maglica
ETH Zurich, 2008
Distribution and organisation of rDNA chromatin in chromosomes and nuclei of Q. petraea and Q. robur, and activity of 18S rDNA loci
V Zoldoš, Ž Maglica, V Besendorfer, M Cerbah, N Ljubešić, D Papeš, ...
2nd Scientific Symposium with International Participation" 45 Years of …, 2003
Activity of 18S-5.8 S-26S rDNA loci and distribution of rDNA chromatin in nuclei of some Quercus species
V Zoldoš, Ž Maglica, V Besendorfer, M Cerbah, N Ljubešić, D Papeš, ...
8. hrvatski biološki kongres s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem, 2003
18S-25rDNA chromatin organization in root tip cells of common oak (Quercus robur L.) and sessile oak (Q. petraea Liebl.)
Ž Maglica
Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, 2002
Session III SIII-CP-01 Proteolytic control of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum transcriptional regulator FixK2.
N Fernández, M Bonnet, M Stegmann, Z Maglica, E Weber-Ban, ...
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