Bogdan Pawłowski
Bogdan Pawłowski
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The investigation of strain-induced martensite reverse transformation in AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel
G Cios, T Tokarski, A Żywczak, R Dziurka, M Stępień, Ł Gondek, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 48, 4999-5008, 2017
Critical points of hypoeutectoid steel-prediction of the pearlite dissolution finish temperature Ac1f
B Pawłowski
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 49 (2 …, 2011
Dilatometric examination of continuously heated austenite formation in hypoeutectoid steels
B Pawłowski
Journal of achievements in materials and manufacturing engineering 54 (2 …, 2012
Improper interpretation of dilatometric data for cooling transformation in steels
B Pawłowski, P Bała, R Dziurka
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 59, 2014
Determination of Critical Points of Hypoeutectoid Steels/Wyznaczanie punktów krytycznych w stalach podeutektoidalnych
B Pawłowski
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 57 (4), 957-962, 2012
The Analysis of the Tribological Properties of the Armoured Face Conveyor Chain Race/Badania własno¶ci tribologicznych płyty ¶lizgowej przeno¶nika zgrzebłowego
J Krawczyk, B Pawłowski
Archives of Mining Sciences 58 (4), 1251-1262, 2013
Banded microstructure in forged 18CrNiMo7-6 steel
J Krawczyk, B Pawłowski, P Bała
Metallurgy and Foundry engineering 35 (1), 45-53, 2009
The premature deterioration of zinc-coated steel pipes in water distribution system
B Pawłowski, J Krawczyk, P Bała
International Journal of Material and Mechanical Engineering 2 (3), 43–47, 2013
The effect of the tempering temperature on 30HGSNA steel toughness
J Pacyna, B Pawłowski
Metallurgy and Foundry Engineering 10 (4), 409-416, 1984
The effect of the tempering processes on the susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking of high strength steel
B Pawłowski, A Mazur, S Gorczyca
Corrosion Science 32 (7), 685-691, 1991
Some factors influencing the determination of eutectoid transformation start and finish temperatures in hypoetectoid steels
B Pawłowski, P Bała, J Krawczyk
Metallurgy and Foundry Engineering 35 (2), 121-121, 2009
The effect of non-metallic inclusions on the crack propagation impact energy of thoughened 35B2+ Cr steel
J Krawczyk, B Pawłowski
Metallurgy and foundry engineering 34 (2), 115-124, 2008
Failure analysis of shock absorber tubes
B Pawlowski, P Bała, J Krawczyk, M Stępień, T ¦leboda
Engineering Failure Analysis 82, 533-539, 2017
Application of the Cellular Automata method to modelling lower bainite in steels
G Jabłoński, B Pawłowski, M Pietrzyk
Computer Methods in Materials Science 12 (1), 51-62, 2012
Effect of microstructure on Stress corrosion cracking of Cr‐Mn‐Si‐Ni steel
B Pawłowski
Materials and Corrosion 37 (8), 448 - 451, 1986
Failure analysis of premature corrosion of HF seam-welded steel pipe in central heating system
D Tyrala, B Pawlowski
Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention 21, 772-778, 2021
Premature cracking of dies for aluminium alloy die-casting
B Pawłowski, T Tokarski, J Krawczyk, P Bala
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2013
Influence of non-metallic inclusions on the strength properties of screws made of 35B2+Cr steel after softening
J Krawczyk, B Pawłowski
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering 55 (2), 2012
The effect of different delivery conditions on the accelerated degradation of structural steel in the coal mine environment
B Pawłowski, P Bała
Archives of Mining Sciences 57 (4), 945-950, 2012
The Effect of Non-Metallic Inclusions on Mechanical Properties of a Toughened Hypoeutectoid Low-Alloy Steel
B Pawłowski, J Krawczyk
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 55 (1), 117-121, 2010
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