Sirshendu Bhattacharyya
Sirshendu Bhattacharyya
Assistant Professor, Raja Rammohun Roy Mahavidyalaya
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Transverse ising chain under periodic instantaneous quenches: Dynamical many-body freezing and emergence of slow solitary oscillations
S Bhattacharyya, A Das, S Dasgupta
Physical Review B 86 (5), 054410, 2012
Signature of a continuous quantum phase transition in non-equilibrium energy absorption: Footprints of criticality on higher excited states
S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta, A Das
Scientific reports 5 (1), 16490, 2015
Crossover of cation partitioning in olivines: a combination of ab initio and Monte Carlo study
S Chatterjee, S Bhattacharyya, S Sengupta, T Saha-Dasgupta
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 38, 259-265, 2011
Effect of mobility in the rock-paper-scissor dynamics with high mortality
S Islam, A Mondal, M Mobilia, S Bhattacharyya, C Hens
Physical Review E 105 (1), 014215, 2022
Mortality makes coexistence vulnerable in evolutionary game of rock-paper-scissors
S Bhattacharyya, P Sinha, R De, C Hens
Physical Review E 102 (1), 012220, 2020
Detection of Quantum Phase Boundary at Finite Temperatures in Integrable Spin Models
P Nandi, S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta
Physical Review Letters 128 (24), 247201, 2022
Exotic signature of dynamical quantum phase transition in the time evolution of an engineered initial state
S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 53 (26), 265002, 2020
Dynamics in quantum Ising chain driven by inhomogeneous transverse magnetization
S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta
The European Physical Journal B 90, 1-7, 2017
Response of a three-species cyclic ecosystem to a short-lived elevation of death rate
S Chatterjee, R De, C Hens, SK Dana, T Kapitaniak, S Bhattacharyya
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 20740, 2023
Emergence of first-order and second-order phase transitions in a cyclic ecosystem exposed to environmental impact
S Bhattacharyya
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.11954, 2023
Exploring the potential of collective learning to reduce foraging time
S Bhowal, RJ Samanta, A Ray, S Bhattacharyya, C Hens
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 168, 113123, 2023
Signature of quantum phase transition manifested in quantum fidelity at zero and finite temperatures
P Nandi, S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta
arXiv preprint arXiv:2302.01795, 2023
Optimizing the location of the colony of foragers with Collective Learning
S Bhowal, RJ Samanta, A Ray, S Bhattacharyya, C Hens
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.02424, 2022
Detection of quantum phase boundary at finite temperatures in two dimensional Kitaev model
P Nandi, S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta
arXiv e-prints, arXiv: 2111.11126, 2021
Transverse Ising Chain under Periodic Instantaneous Quenches: Dynamical Many-Body Freezing and Slow Oscillations
S Bhattacharyya, A Das, S Dasgupta
arXiv preprint arXiv:1112.6171, 2011
Quantum Critical Spectroscopy: New Signature of a Quantum Phase Transition in Non-equilibrium Energy Absorption
S Bhattacharyya, S Dasgupta, A Das
Some studies on the dynamics of quantum ising chain
S Bhattacharyya
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