Ivan Vulić
Ivan Vulić
Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge & PolyAI
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A survey of cross-lingual word embedding models
S Ruder, I Vulić, A Søgaard
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 65, 569-631, 2019
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N Mrkšić, I Vulić, DÓ Séaghdha, I Leviant, R Reichart, M Gašić, ...
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On the limitations of unsupervised bilingual dictionary induction
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Bilingual word embeddings from non-parallel document-aligned data applied to bilingual lexicon induction
I Vulić, MF Moens
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How to (properly) evaluate cross-lingual word embeddings: On strong baselines, comparative analyses, and some misconceptions
G Glavaš, R Litschko, S Ruder, I Vulić
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Bilingual distributed word representations from document-aligned comparable data
I Vulić, MF Moens
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 55, 953-994, 2016
Hello, It's GPT-2--How Can I Help You? Towards the Use of Pretrained Language Models for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
P Budzianowski, I Vulić
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Neural Generation and Translation (WNGT …, 2019
Probabilistic topic modeling in multilingual settings: An overview of its methodology and applications
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Skip n-grams and ranking functions for predicting script events
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I Vulić, A Korhonen
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Specialising word vectors for lexical entailment
I Vulić, N Mrkšić
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HyperLex: A large-scale evaluation of graded lexical entailment
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Cross-language information retrieval models based on latent topic models trained with document-aligned comparable corpora
I Vulić, W De Smet, MF Moens
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Cross-lingual semantic similarity of words as the similarity of their semantic word responses
I Vulić, MF Moens
NAACL-HLT 2013, 106-116, 2013
Exploiting image generality for lexical entailment detection
D Kiela, L Rimell, I Vulić, S Clark
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Explicit retrofitting of distributional word vectors
G Glavaš, I Vulić
ACL 2018, 34-45, 2018
Modeling language variation and universals: A survey on typological linguistics for natural language processing
EM Ponti, H O’horan, Y Berzak, I Vulić, R Reichart, T Poibeau, E Shutova, ...
Computational Linguistics 45 (3), 559-601, 2019
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