M Miliša
M Miliša
Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
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Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones
SD Tiegs, DM Costello, MW Isken, G Woodward, PB McIntyre, ...
Science Advances 5 (1), eaav0486, 2019
Biomonitoring of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams in Europe: Current practice and priorities to enhance ecological status assessments
R Stubbington, R Chadd, N Cid, Z Csabai, M Miliša, M Morais, A Munné, ...
Science of the total environment 618, 1096-1113, 2018
A global analysis of terrestrial plant litter dynamics in non-perennial waterways
T Datry, A Foulquier, R Corti, D Von Schiller, K Tockner, C Mendoza-Lera, ...
Nature Geoscience 11 (7), 497-503, 2018
Current velocity and food supply as factors affecting the composition of macroinvertebrates in bryophyte habitats in karst running water
I Habdija, B Primc Habdija, R Matoničkin, M Kučinić, I Radanović, ...
Biologia 59, 577-593, 2004
Simulating rewetting events in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams: A global analysis of leached nutrients and organic matter
O Shumilova, D Zak, T Datry, D von Schiller, R Corti, A Foulquier, ...
Global change biology 25 (5), 1591-1611, 2019
The role of flow velocity in the vertical distribution of particulate organic matter on moss-covered travertine barriers of the Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)
M Miliša, I Habdija, B Primc-Habdija, I Radanović, RM Kepčija
Hydrobiologia 553, 231-243, 2006
Sediment respiration pulses in intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams
D Von Schiller, T Datry, R Corti, A Foulquier, K Tockner, R Marcé, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 (10), 1251-1263, 2019
Environmental control of emergence patterns: case study of changes in hourly and daily emergence of aquatic insects at constant and variable water temperatures
M Ivković, M Miliša, A Previšić, A Popijač, Z Mihaljević
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Science and management of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (SMIRES)
T Datry, G Singer, E Sauquet, DJ Capdevilla, D Von Schiller, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes 3, 23 p., 2017
Environmental drivers of biotic traits and phenology patterns of Diptera assemblages in karst springs: The role of canopy uncovered
M Ivković, M Miliša, V Baranov, Z Mihaljević
Limnologica 54, 44-57, 2015
Seasonal and fine-scale spatial drift patterns in a tufadepositing barrage hydrosystem
MS Peric, M Miliša, RM Kepcija, B Primc-Habdija, I Habdija
Fundamental and applied limnology, 131-145, 2011
The impact of aquatic macrophyte (Salix sp. and Cladium mariscus (L.) Pohl.) removal on habitat conditions and macroinvertebrates of tufa barriers (Plitvice Lakes …
M Miliša, RM Kepčija, I Radanović, A Ostojić, I Habdija
Hydrobiologia 573, 183-197, 2006
Environmental drivers influencing stonefly assemblages along a longitudinal gradient in karst lotic habitats
A Ridl, M Vilenica, M Ivković, A Popijač, I Sivec, M Miliša, Z Mihaljević
Journal of Limnology 77 (3), 2018
Benthos-drift relationships as proxies for the detection of the most suitable bioindicator taxa in flowing waters–a pilot-study within a Mediterranean karst river
MS Perić, RM Kepčija, M Miliša, S Gottstein, J Lajtner, Z Dragun, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 163, 125-135, 2018
Bryophyte communities and seston in a karst stream (Jankovac Stream, Papuk Nature Park, Croatia)
M Špoljar, T Dražina, A Ostojić, M Miliša, MG Udovič, D Štafa
Annales de Limnologie-International Journal of Limnology 48 (1), 125-138, 2012
Simuliid silk pads enhance tufa deposition
RM Kepčija, I Habdija, B Primc-Habdija, M Miliša
Archiv für Hydrobiologie 166, 387-409, 2006
Flow velocity effect on leaf litter breakdown in tufa depositing system (Plitvice Lakes, Croatia)
A Belančić, RM Kepčija, M Miliša, AP Moraj, I Habdija
International Review of Hydrobiology 94 (4), 391-398, 2009
Caddisfly (inseCta: triChoptera) fauna of papuk nature park, Croatia
A Previšić, M Ivković, M Miliša, M Kerovec
Natura Croatica: Periodicum Musei Historiae Naturalis Croatici 22 (1), 1-13, 2013
The aquatic dance flies fauna (Diptera, Empididae: Hemerodromiinae and Clinocerinae) of the Plitvice lakes National park
M Ivković, M Miliša, Z Mihaljević
Natura Croatica: Periodicum Musei Historiae Naturalis Croatici 19 (1), 133-139, 2010
Calcite deposition in karst waters is promoted by leaf litter breakdown and vice versa
M Miliša, A Belančić, RM Kepčija, M Sertić-Perić, A Ostojić, I Habdija
Annales de Limnologie-International Journal of Limnology 46 (4), 225-232, 2010
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