Bao-Zong Wang
Bao-Zong Wang
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Realization of two-dimensional spin-orbit coupling for Bose-Einstein condensates
Z Wu, L Zhang, W Sun, XT Xu, BZ Wang, SC Ji, Y Deng, S Chen, XJ Liu, ...
Science 354 (6308), 83-88, 2016
Uncover topology by quantum quench dynamics
W Sun, CR Yi, BZ Wang, WW Zhang, BC Sanders, XT Xu, ZY Wang, ...
Physical review letters 121 (25), 250403, 2018
Realization of an ideal Weyl semimetal band in a quantum gas with 3D spin-orbit coupling
ZY Wang, XC Cheng, BZ Wang, JY Zhang, YH Lu, CR Yi, S Niu, Y Deng, ...
Science 372 (6539), 271-276, 2021
Highly controllable and robust 2D spin-orbit coupling for quantum gases
W Sun, BZ Wang, XT Xu, CR Yi, L Zhang, Z Wu, Y Deng, XJ Liu, S Chen, ...
Physical review letters 121 (15), 150401, 2018
Dirac-, Rashba-, and Weyl-type spin-orbit couplings: Toward experimental realization in ultracold atoms
BZ Wang, YH Lu, W Sun, S Chen, Y Deng, XJ Liu
Physical Review A 97 (1), 011605, 2018
Ideal Weyl semimetal with 3D spin-orbit coupled ultracold quantum gas
YH Lu, BZ Wang, XJ Liu
Science Bulletin 65 (24), 2080-2085, 2020
Exchange-correlation effect in the charge response of a warm dense electron gas
PC Hou, BZ Wang, K Haule, Y Deng, K Chen
Physical Review B 106 (8), L081126, 2022
Quantum Hall states for Rydberg arrays with laser-assisted dipole-dipole interactions
TH Yang*, BZ Wang*, XC Zhou, XJ Liu
Physical Review A 106 (2), L021101, 2022
Precision mapping the topological bands of 2D spin-orbit coupling with microwave spin-injection spectroscopy
XT Xu, CR Yi, BZ Wang, W Sun, Y Deng, XJ Liu, S Chen, JW Pan
Science bulletin 63 (22), 1464-1469, 2018
Percolation of the two-dimensional model in the flow representation
BZ Wang, P Hou, CJ Huang, Y Deng
Physical Review E 103 (6), 062131, 2021
Fermionic sign structure of high-order Feynman diagrams in a many-fermion system
BZ Wang, PC Hou, Y Deng, K Haule, K Chen
Physical Review B 103 (11), 115141, 2021
Fractional quantum anomalous Hall phase for Raman superarray of Rydberg atoms
TFJ Poon, XC Zhou, BZ Wang, TH Yang, XJ Liu
Advanced Quantum Technologies 7 (5), 2300356, 2024
Realization and detection of Kitaev quantum spin liquid with Rydberg atoms
YH Chen*, BZ Wang*, TFJ Poon, XC Zhou, ZX Liu, XJ Liu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.12905, 2023
Unveiling Higher-Order Topology via Polarized Topological Charges
W Jia, BZ Wang, MJ Gao, JH An
arXiv preprint arXiv:2405.05505, 2024
Quasiparticle Interaction in the Three-dimensional Uniform Electron Gas
BZ Wang, P Hou, Y Deng, K Haule, K Chen
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2021, M21. 003, 2021
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