Haigang Zhang
Haigang Zhang
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Highly Ordered, Millimeter‐Scale, Continuous, Single‐Crystalline Graphene Monolayer Formed on Ru (0001)
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Molecule–Substrate Coupling between Metal Phthalocyanines and Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Ru (0001) and Pt (111)
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Identifying multiple configurations of complex molecules in dynamical processes: time resolved tunneling spectroscopy and density functional theory calculation
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Self-Assembled Patterns and Young’s Modulus of Single-Layer Naphthalocyanine Molecules on Ag (111)
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High quality sub-monolayer, monolayer, and bilayer graphene on Ru (0001)
X Wen-Yan, H Li, Q Yan-De, L En, Z Hai-Gang, L Xiao, W Ye-Liang, ...
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Manipulation and control of a single molecular rotor on Au (111) surface
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Comment on “Potential Energy Landscape for Hot Electrons in Periodically Nanostructured Graphene”
HG Zhang, T Greber
Physical review letters 105 (21), 219701, 2010
Comment on “Potential Energy Landscape for Hot Electrons in Periodically Nanostructured Graphene”
HZT Greber
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (21), 219701, 2010
Adsorption behavior of Fe atoms on a naphthalocyanine monolayer on Ag (111) surface
Y Ling-Hao, W Rong-Ting, B De-Liang, R Jun-Hai, Z Yan-Fang, ...
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Molecular Rotors Observed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
YL Wang, Q Liu, HG Zhang, HM Guo, HJ Gao
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Newly designed, faster, and more sensitive scanning capacitance microscope for failure analysis
H Zhang, M Kocun, B Ohler, R Proksch
ISTFA 2022, 434-437, 2022
Scanning probe microscope
DA Grigg, D Walters, H Zhang, J Cleveland
US Patent App. 15/692,231, 2019
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