Angelina Boccarelli
Angelina Boccarelli
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Water-soluble ruthenium (III)-dimethyl sulfoxide complexes: chemical behaviour and pharmaceutical properties
G Mestroni, E Alessio, G Sava, S Pacor, M Coluccia, A Boccarelli
Metal-Based Drugs 1, 41-63, 1994
Inhibition of endothelial cell functions and of angiogenesis by the metastasis inhibitor NAMI-A
A Vacca, M Bruno, A Boccarelli, M Coluccia, D Ribatti, A Bergamo, ...
British journal of cancer 86 (6), 993-998, 2002
In vitroAntitumor Activity of 2-Acetyl Pyridine 4N-Ethyl Thiosemicarbazone and Its Platinum (II) and Palladium (II) Complexes
D Kovala-Demertzi, A Boccarelli, MA Demertzis, M Coluccia
Chemotherapy 53 (2), 148-152, 2007
Replacement of an NH3 by an iminoether in transplatin makes an antitumor drug from an inactive compound
M Leng, D Locker, MJ Giraud-Panis, A Schwartz, FP Intini, G Natile, ...
Molecular Pharmacology 58 (6), 1525-1535, 2000
Novel targeting of phospho-cMET overcomes drug resistance and induces antitumor activity in multiple myeloma
M Moschetta, A Basile, A Ferrucci, MA Frassanito, L Rao, R Ria, ...
Clinical cancer research 19 (16), 4371-4382, 2013
Platinum complexes can inhibit matrix metalloproteinase activity: platinum− diethyl [(methylsulfinyl) methyl] phosphonate complexes as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases 2 …
R Sasanelli, A Boccarelli, D Giordano, M Laforgia, F Arnesano, G Natile, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 50 (15), 3434-3441, 2007
Synthesis and in vitro antitumor activity of platinum acetonimine complexes
A Boccarelli, FP Intini, R Sasanelli, MF Sivo, M Coluccia, G Natile
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 49 (2), 829-837, 2006
Platinum (II)-acyclovir complexes: synthesis, antiviral and antitumour activity
M Coluccia, A Boccarelli, C Cermelli, M Portolani, G Natile
Metal-based drugs 2, 249-256, 1995
Platinum complexes with imino ethers or cyclic ligands mimicking imino ethers: synthesis, in vitro antitumour activity, and DNA interaction properties
FP Intini, A Boccarelli, VC Francia, C Pacifico, MF Sivo, G Natile, ...
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 9, 768-780, 2004
Sterically hindered complexes of platinum (II) with planar heterocyclic nitrogen donors. A novel complex with 1-methyl-cytosine has a spectrum of activity different from …
N Margiotta, G Natile, F Capitelli, FP Fanizzi, A Boccarelli, P De Rinaldis, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 100 (11), 1849-1857, 2006
In vitro antitumour activity and cellular pharmacological properties of the platinum-iminoether complex trans-[PtCl2 [E-HN= C (OMe) Me] 2].
M Coluccia, A Nassi, A Boccarelli, D Giordano, N Cardellicchio, FP Intini, ...
International journal of oncology 15 (5), 1039-1083, 1999
Cytotoxicity of some platinum (IV) complexes with ethylenediamine-N, N′-di-3-propionato ligand
TJ Sabo, GN Kaluđerović, D Poleti, L Karanović, A Boccarelli, F Cannito, ...
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 98 (8), 1378-1384, 2004
Mechanistic insight into the inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases by platinum substrates
F Arnesano, A Boccarelli, D Cornacchia, F Nushi, R Sasanelli, M Coluccia, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 52 (23), 7847-7855, 2009
A New Class of 1‐Aryl‐5,6‐dihydropyrrolo[2,1‐a]isoquinoline Derivatives as Reversers of P‐Glycoprotein‐Mediated Multidrug Resistance in Tumor Cells
AA Nevskaya, MD Matveeva, TN Borisova, M Niso, NA Colabufo, ...
ChemMedChem 13 (15), 1588-1596, 2018
Differential processing of antitumour-active and antitumour-inactive trans platinum compounds by SKOV-3 ovarian cancer cells
A Boccarelli, D Giordano, G Natile, M Coluccia
Biochemical pharmacology 72 (3), 280-292, 2006
Improving knowledge on the activation of bone marrow fibroblasts in MGUS and MM disease through the automatic extraction of genes via a nonnegative matrix factorization …
A Boccarelli, F Esposito, M Coluccia, MA Frassanito, A Vacca, ...
Journal of Translational Medicine 16, 1-16, 2018
An NMF-Based methodology for selecting biomarkers in the landscape of genes of heterogeneous cancer-associated fibroblast Populations
F Esposito, A Boccarelli, N Del Buono
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights 14, 1177932220906827, 2020
Breast cancer’s microarray data: pattern discovery using nonnegative matrix factorizations
N Del Buono, F Esposito, F Fumarola, A Boccarelli, M Coluccia
Machine Learning, Optimization, and Big Data: Second International Workshop …, 2016
Translational impact of novel widely pharmacological characterized mofezolac-derived COX-1 inhibitors combined with bortezomib on human multiple myeloma cell lines viability
ML Pati, P Vitale, S Ferorelli, M Iaselli, M Miciaccia, A Boccarelli, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 164, 59-76, 2019
Effect of mofezolac-galactose distance in conjugates targeting cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 and CNS GLUT-1 carrier
MG Perrone, P Vitale, S Ferorelli, A Boccarelli, M Coluccia, A Pannunzio, ...
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 141, 404-416, 2017
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