Benjamin Rosenbaum
Benjamin Rosenbaum
German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
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Predator traits determine food-web architecture across ecosystems
U Brose, P Archambault, AD Barnes, LF Bersier, T Boy, J Canning-Clode, ...
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Beyond the fast–slow continuum: demographic dimensions structuring a tropical tree community
N Rüger, LS Comita, R Condit, D Purves, B Rosenbaum, MD Visser, ...
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Fitting functional responses: Direct parameter estimation by simulating differential equations
B Rosenbaum, BC Rall
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Warming alters energetic structure and function but not resilience of soil food webs
B Schwarz, AD Barnes, MP Thakur, U Brose, M Ciobanu, PB Reich, ...
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The intrinsic predictability of ecological time series and its potential to guide forecasting
F Pennekamp, AC Iles, J Garland, G Brennan, U Brose, U Gaedke, ...
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Bridging scales: allometric random walks link movement and biodiversity research
MR Hirt, V Grimm, Y Li, BC Rall, B Rosenbaum, U Brose
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fluxweb: a R package to easily estimate energy fluxes in food webs
B Gauzens, A Barnes, D Giling, J Hines, M Jochum, JS Lefcheck, ...
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Comparing sampling strategies for aerodynamic Kriging surrogate models
B Rosenbaum, V Schulz
ZAMM‐Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics/Zeitschrift für Angewandte …, 2012
The geometry of habitat fragmentation: Effects of species distribution patterns on extinction risk due to habitat conversion
F May, B Rosenbaum, FM Schurr, JM Chase
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Estimating parameters from multiple time series of population dynamics using Bayesian inference
B Rosenbaum, M Raatz, G Weithoff, GF Fussmann, U Gaedke
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Predicting species abundances in a grassland biodiversity experiment: Trade‐offs between model complexity and generality
AT Clark, L Ann Turnbull, A Tredennick, E Allan, WS Harpole, ...
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Rethinking trophic niches: speed and body mass colimit prey space of mammalian predators
MR Hirt, M Tucker, T Müller, B Rosenbaum, U Brose
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Efficient response surface methods based on generic surrogate models
B Rosenbaum, V Schulz
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Inferring competitive outcomes, ranks and intransitivity from empirical data: A comparison of different methods
Y Feng, S Soliveres, E Allan, B Rosenbaum, C Wagg, A Tabi, E De Luca, ...
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Interactive effects of shifting body size and feeding adaptation drive interaction strengths of protist predators under warming
KE Fussmann, B Rosenbaum, U Brose, BC Rall
bioRxiv, 101675, 2017
Efficient global surrogate models for responses of expensive simulations
B Rosenbaum
PhD thesis, Universität Trier, 2013
Thermal acclimation increases the stability of a predator‐prey interaction in warmer environments
EH Sohlström, LC Archer, B Gallo, M Jochum, RL Kordas, BC Rall, ...
Global Change Biology 27, 3765-3778, 2021
Coupling relations underlying the production of speech articulator movements and their invariance to speech rate
L Lancia, B Rosenbaum
Biological Cybernetics 112 (3), 253-276, 2018
Environmental and anthropogenic constraints on animal space use drive extinction risk worldwide
MR Hirt, AD Barnes, A Gentile, LJ Pollock, B Rosenbaum, W Thuiller, ...
Ecology Letters 24 (12), 2576-2585, 2021
Response surface methods for efficient aerodynamic surrogate models
B Rosenbaum, V Schulz
Computational Flight Testing, 113-129, 2013
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