Osvanny Ramos
Osvanny Ramos
Associate Professor of Physics, University of Lyon 1
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Symmetry breaking in escaping ants
E Altshuler, O Ramos, Y Núñez, J Fernández, AJ Batista-Leyva, C Noda
The American Naturalist 166 (6), 643-649, 2005
Avalanche prediction in a self-organized pile of beads
O Ramos, E Altshuler, KJ Måløy
Physical review letters 102 (7), 078701, 2009
Vortex avalanches with robust statistics observed in superconducting niobium
E Altshuler, TH Johansen, Y Paltiel, P Jin, KE Bassler, O Ramos, ...
Physical Review B 70 (14), 140505, 2004
Avalanches in one-dimensional piles with different types of bases
E Altshuler, O Ramos, C Martínez, LE Flores, C Noda
Physical review letters 86 (24), 5490, 2001
High frequency monitoring reveals aftershocks in subcritical crack growth
M Stojanova, S Santucci, L Vanel, O Ramos
Physical review letters 112 (11), 115502, 2014
Quasiperiodic events in an earthquake model
O Ramos, E Altshuler, KJ Måløy
Physical review letters 96 (9), 098501, 2006
Sandpile formation by revolving rivers
E Altshuler, O Ramos, E Martínez, AJ Batista-Leyva, A Rivera, KE Bassler
Physical review letters 91 (1), 014501, 2003
Measurement of the receding contact angle at the interface between a viscoelastic material and a rigid surface
J Nase, C Creton, O Ramos, L Sonnenberg, T Yamaguchi, A Lindner
Soft Matter 6 (12), 2685-2691, 2010
Continuously sheared granular matter reproduces in detail seismicity laws
S Lherminier, R Planet, VL dit Vehel, G Simon, L Vanel, KJ Måløy, ...
Physical review letters 122 (21), 218501, 2019
Revealing the structure of a granular medium through ballistic sound propagation
S Lherminier, R Planet, G Simon, L Vanel, O Ramos
Physical review letters 113 (9), 098001, 2014
Foraging at the edge of chaos: Internal clock versus external forcing
SC Nicolis, J Fernández, C Pérez-Penichet, C Noda, F Tejera, O Ramos, ...
Physical review letters 110 (26), 268104, 2013
Experimental study of the effect of disorder on subcritical crack growth dynamics
O Ramos, PP Cortet, S Ciliberto, L Vanel
Physical Review Letters 110 (16), 165506, 2013
Sound and light from fractures in scintillators
A Tantot, S Santucci, O Ramos, S Deschanel, MA Verdier, E Mony, Y Wei, ...
Physical review letters 111 (15), 154301, 2013
Uphill solitary waves in granular flows
E Martínez, C Pérez-Penichet, O Sotolongo-Costa, O Ramos, KJ Måløy, ...
Physical Review E 75 (3), 031303, 2007
Criticality in earthquakes. Good or bad for prediction?
O Ramos
Tectonophysics 485 (1-4), 321-326, 2010
Debonding energy of PDMS
J Nase, O Ramos, C Creton, A Lindner
The European Physical Journal E 36 (9), 1-10, 2013
Repulsion and Attraction between a Pair of Cracks in a Plastic Sheet
MJ Dalbe, J Koivisto, L Vanel, A Miksic, O Ramos, M Alava, S Santucci
Physical review letters 114 (20), 205501, 2015
Softening induced instability of a stretched cohesive granular layer
H Alarcón, O Ramos, L Vanel, F Vittoz, F Melo, JC Géminard
Physical review letters 105 (20), 208001, 2010
A granular experiment approach to earthquakes
S Lherminier, R Planet, G Simon, M Måløy, L Vanel, O Ramos
Revista Cubana de Física 33 (1), 55-58, 2016
An inductorless CMOS UWB pulse generator with active pulse shaping circuit
S Bourdel, R Vauche, O Ramos, E Muhr, J Gaubert, N Dehaese, ...
2013 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband (ICUWB), 175-179, 2013
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