Ryuichi Shindou
Ryuichi Shindou
School of Physics, Peking University
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Topological chiral magnonic edge mode in a magnonic crystal
R Shindou, R Matsumoto, S Murakami, J Ohe
Physical Review B 87 (17), 174427, 2013
Orbital ferromagnetism and anomalous Hall effect in antiferromagnets on the distorted fcc lattice
R Shindou, N Nagaosa
Physical review letters 87 (11), 116801, 2001
Thermal Hall effect of magnons in magnets with dipolar interaction
R Matsumoto, R Shindou, S Murakami
Physical Review B 89 (5), 054420, 2014
Chiral spin-wave edge modes in dipolar magnetic thin films
R Shindou, J Ohe, R Matsumoto, S Murakami, E Saitoh
Physical Review B 87 (17), 174402, 2013
Experimental signatures of spin superfluid ground state in canted antiferromagnet Cr2O3 via nonlocal spin transport
W Yuan, Q Zhu, T Su, Y Yao, W Xing, Y Chen, Y Ma, X Lin, J Shi, ...
Science advances 4 (4), eaat1098, 2018
Effect of disorder in a three-dimensional layered Chern insulator
S Liu, T Ohtsuki, R Shindou
Physical review letters 116 (6), 066401, 2016
Effects of disorder in three-dimensional quantum spin Hall systems
R Shindou, S Murakami
Physical Review B 79 (4), 045321, 2009
Models of degeneracy breaking in pyrochlore antiferromagnets
DL Bergman, R Shindou, GA Fiete, L Balents
Physical Review B 74 (13), 134409, 2006
Noncommutative geometry and non-Abelian Berry phase in the wave-packet dynamics of Bloch electrons
R Shindou, KI Imura
Nuclear Physics B 720 (3), 399-435, 2005
S U (2) slave-boson formulation of spin nematic states in S= 1 2 frustrated ferromagnets
R Shindou, T Momoi
Physical Review B 80 (6), 064410, 2009
Quantum effects in a half-polarized pyrochlore antiferromagnet
DL Bergman, R Shindou, GA Fiete, L Balents
Physical review letters 96 (9), 097207, 2006
Universality classes of the Anderson transitions driven by non-Hermitian disorder
X Luo, T Ohtsuki, R Shindou
Physical Review Letters 126 (9), 090402, 2021
Quantum Spin Pump in S=1/2 Antiferromagnetic Chains –Holonomy of Phase Operators in sine-Gordon Theory–
R Shindou
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 74 (4), 1214-1223, 2005
Quantum impurity spin in Majorana edge fermions
R Shindou, A Furusaki, N Nagaosa
Physical Review B 82 (18), 180505, 2010
Gradient expansion approach to multiple-band Fermi liquids
R Shindou, L Balents
Physical Review B 77 (3), 035110, 2008
Integer quantum magnon Hall plateau-plateau transition in a spin-ice model
B Xu, T Ohtsuki, R Shindou
Physical Review B 94 (22), 220403, 2016
Projective studies of spin nematics in a quantum frustrated ferromagnet
R Shindou, S Yunoki, T Momoi
Physical Review B 84 (13), 134414, 2011
Unifying the Anderson transitions in Hermitian and non-Hermitian systems
X Luo, Z Xiao, K Kawabata, T Ohtsuki, R Shindou
Physical Review Research 4 (2), L022035, 2022
Electrically switchable van der Waals magnon valves
G Chen, S Qi, J Liu, D Chen, J Wang, S Yan, Y Zhang, S Cao, M Lu, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 6279, 2021
Transfer matrix study of the Anderson transition in non-Hermitian systems
X Luo, T Ohtsuki, R Shindou
Physical Review B 104 (10), 104203, 2021
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