Gerhard K. Wolf
Gerhard K. Wolf
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Chest electrical impedance tomography examination, data analysis, terminology, clinical use and recommendations: consensus statement of the TRanslational EIT developmeNt stuDy …
I Frerichs, MBP Amato, AH Van Kaam, DG Tingay, Z Zhao, B Grychtol, ...
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GREIT: a unified approach to 2D linear EIT reconstruction of lung images
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Recommendations for mechanical ventilation of critically ill children from the Paediatric Mechanical Ventilation Consensus Conference (PEMVECC)
MCJ Kneyber, D De Luca, E Calderini, PH Jarreau, E Javouhey, ...
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Whither lung EIT: where are we, where do we want to go and what do we need to get there?
A Adler, MB Amato, JH Arnold, R Bayford, M Bodenstein, SH Böhm, ...
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Mechanical ventilation guided by electrical impedance tomography in experimental acute lung injury
GK Wolf, C Gómez-Laberge, JS Rettig, SO Vargas, CD Smallwood, ...
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Noninvasive assessment of lung volume: respiratory inductance plethysmography and electrical impedance tomography
GK Wolf, JH Arnold
Critical care medicine 33 (3), S163-S169, 2005
Impact of model shape mismatch on reconstruction quality in electrical impedance tomography
B Grychtol, WRB Lionheart, M Bodenstein, GK Wolf, A Adler
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A unified approach for EIT imaging of regional overdistension and atelectasis in acute lung injury
C Gómez-Laberge, JH Arnold, GK Wolf
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 31 (3), 834-842, 2012
section Respiratory Failure of the European Society for Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care. Recommendations for mechanical ventilation of critically ill children from the …
MCJ Kneyber, D De Luca, E Calderini, PH Jarreau, E Javouhey, ...
Intensive Care Med 43 (12), 1764-1780, 2017
Regional lung volume changes in children with acute respiratory distress syndrome during a derecruitment maneuver
GK Wolf, B Grychtol, I Frerichs, HR van Genderingen, D Zurakowski, ...
Critical care medicine 35 (8), 1972-1978, 2007
Reversal of dependent lung collapse predicts response to lung recruitment in children with early acute lung injury
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Total phenytoin concentrations do not accurately predict free phenytoin concentrations in critically ill children
G Wolf, C McClain, D Zurakowski, B Dodson, ML McManus
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 7 (5), 505, 2006
Electrical activity of the diaphragm during extubation readiness testing in critically ill children
GK Wolf, BK Walsh, ML Green, JH Arnold
Pediatr Crit Care Med 12 (6), e220-e224, 2011
Steroid-responsive encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroiditis (SREAT): case report of reversible coma and status epilepticus in an adolescent patient and review of …
JM Hilberath, H Schmidt, GK Wolf
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Comparison of two lung recruitment strategies in children with acute lung injury
JN Kheir, BK Walsh, CD Smallwood, JS Rettig, JE Thompson, ...
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Clinical and epidemiological features of a family cluster of symptomatic and asymptomatic severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection
GK Wolf, T Glueck, J Huebner, M Muenchhoff, D Hoffmann, LE French, ...
Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society 9 (3), 362-365, 2020
MRI-imaging and clinical findings of eleven children with tick-borne encephalitis and review of the literature
C Von Stülpnagel, P Winkler, J Koch, C Zeches-Kansy, A Schöttler-Glas, ...
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Pediatric ICU admissions after adolescent suicide attempts during the pandemic
N Bruns, L Willemsen, A Stang, B Kowall, K Holtkamp, O Kamp, M Dudda, ...
Pediatrics 150 (2), e2021055973, 2022
Regional lung volume changes during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation
GK Wolf, B Grychtol, I Frerichs, D Zurakowski, JH Arnold
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 11 (5), 610-615, 2010
Mechanical Properties of 18Ni-300 maraging steel manufactured by LPBF
T Simson, J Koch, J Rosenthal, M Kepka, M Zetek, I Zetková, G Wolf, ...
Procedia Structural Integrity 17, 843-849, 2019
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