Victor Hugo Hernandez Gonzalez, MD, PhD.
Victor Hugo Hernandez Gonzalez, MD, PhD.
Full Time Professor. Department of Chemical, Electronic and Biomedical Engineering. Science and
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ATP release through connexin hemichannels and gap junction transfer of second messengers propagate Ca2+ signals across the inner ear
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Optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway
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No evidence for inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate–dependent Ca2+ release in isolated fibers of adult mouse skeletal muscle
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Optogenetic stimulation of the auditory nerve
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Correlation of Post-Harvest Avocado Ripening Process with the Thermal Emissivity Measured from the Peel
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Association between food insecurity and perinatal risk factors with hearing problems in preterm birth
AMC Chávez, RM Torres, VHH González
Nutrición hospitalaria: Organo oficial de la Sociedad española de nutrición …, 2019
H-ABC tubulinopathy revealed by label-free second harmonic generation microscopy
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Optogenetic stimulation for cochlear prosthetics
TMO Victor H. Hernandez
Optogenetics. From Neuronal function to mapping and disease biology 1, 442-452, 2017
The myelin mutant taiep rat as a model for developmental brain disorders
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Asociación entre la inseguridad alimentaria y factores de riesgo prenatales con problemas de audición en prematuros
ÁM Castillo Chávez, R Monroy Torres, VH Hernández González
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Relationship of the drying process of a corn grain with the thermal emissivity and optical interference in the mid infrared range
C Villaseñor-Mora, FJ Gantes-Nunez, A Gonzalez-Vega, ...
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Label-Free Non-Linear Optics for the Study of Tubulin-Dependent Defects in Central Myelin.
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Study of variations in soil water potential with the incorporation of charcoal and carbon nanotubes through infrared thermal images
C Villaseñor-Mora, A González-Vega, VH Hernández
Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability XIII 9975, 99750A, 2016
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