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Boon Leong Lim
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Isolation, cDNA cloning, and overexpression of a 33-kD cell surface glycoprotein that binds to the globular" heads" of C1q.
B Ghebrehiwet, BL Lim, EI Peerschke, AC Willis, KB Reid
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Redefining the structural motifs that determine RNA binding and RNA editing by pentatricopeptide repeat proteins in land plants
S Cheng, B Gutmann, X Zhong, Y Ye, MF Fisher, F Bai, I Castleden, ...
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Overexpressing AtPAP15 Enhances Phosphorus Efficiency in Soybean
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Molecular cloning and the biochemical characterization of two novel phytases from B. subtilisá168 and B. licheniformis
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Distribution and diversity of phytate-mineralizing bacteria
BL Lim, P Yeung, C Cheng, JE Hill
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Molecular characterization of seven Chinese isolates of infectious bursal disease virus: classical, very virulent, and variant strains
YC Cao, WS Yeung, M Law, YZ Bi, FC Leung, BL Lim
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gC1q‐R/p33, a member of a new class of multifunctional and multicompartmental cellular proteins, is involved in inflammation and infection
B Ghebrehiwet, BL Lim, R Kumar, X Feng, EIB Peerschke
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Adaptation of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus to chicken embryonic fibroblasts by site-directed mutagenesis of residues 279 and 284 of viral coat protein VP2
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Assessment of genetic, antigenic and pathotypic criteria for the characterization of IBDV strains
TP Van den Berg, D Morales, N Eterradossi, G Rivallan, D Toquin, ...
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Interaction of human lung surfactant proteins A and D with mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) allergens
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Biochemical and molecular characterization of PvPAP3, a novel purple acid phosphatase isolated from common bean enhancing extracellular ATP utilization
C Liang, J Tian, HM Lam, BL Lim, X Yan, H Liao
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Hydrolysis of precipitated phytate by three distinct families of phytases
J Tang, A Leung, C Leung, BL Lim
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ATP sensing in living plant cells reveals tissue gradients and stress dynamics of energy physiology
V De Col, P Fuchs, T Nietzel, M Elsässer, CP Voon, A Candeo, I Seeliger, ...
Elife 6, e26770, 2017
Expression of the carbohydrate recognition domain of lung surfactant protein D and demonstration of its binding to lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative bacteria
BL Lim, JY Wang, U Holmskov, HJ Hoppe, KBM Reid
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Molecular and biochemical characterization of AtPAP15, a purple acid phosphatase with phytase activity, in Arabidopsis
R Kuang, KH Chan, E Yeung, BL Lim
Plant Physiology 151 (1), 199-209, 2009
The binding protein for globular heads of complement C1q, gC1qR: functional expression and characterization as a novel vitronectin binding factor
BL Lim, KBM Reid, B Ghebrehiwet, EIB Peerschke, LAE Leigh, ...
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Phytase activity in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) root exudates is exhibited by a purple acid phosphatase
SC Lung, A Leung, R Kuang, Y Wang, P Leung, BL Lim
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Secretion of beta-propeller phytase from tobacco and Arabidopsis roots enhances phosphorus utilization
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In planta study of photosynthesis and photorespiration using NADPH and NADH/NAD+ fluorescent protein sensors
SL Lim, CP Voon, X Guan, Y Yang, P Gardeström, BL Lim
Nature communications 11 (1), 3238, 2020
Assimilation of Phytate-phosphorus by the Extracellular Phytase Activity of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) is Affected by the Availability of Soluble Phytate
SC Lung, BL Lim
Plant and soil 279, 187-199, 2006
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