Kee S. Moon
Kee S. Moon
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Optimal design of a flexure hinge based XYφ wafer stage
JW Ryu, DG Gweon, KS Moon
Precision engineering 21 (1), 18-28, 1997
Inverse kinematic modeling of a coupled flexure hinge mechanism
JW Ryu, SQ Lee, DG Gweon, KS Moon
Mechatronics 9 (6), 657-674, 1999
Compensation for the thermal error of a multi-axis machining center
Y Wang, G Zhang, KS Moon, JW Sutherland
Journal of materials processing technology 75 (1-3), 45-53, 1998
A vibration-based PMN-PT energy harvester
A Mathers, KS Moon, J Yi
IEEE Sensors Journal 9 (7), 731-739, 2009
A three-dimensional model for the surface texture in surface grinding, part 1: surface generation model
EJ Salisbury, KV Domala, KS Moon, MH Miller, JW Sutherland
J. Manuf. Sci. Eng. 123 (4), 576-581, 2001
A three-dimensional model for the surface texture in surface grinding, part 2: grinding wheel surface texture model
EJ Salisbury, KV Domala, KS Moon, MH Miller, JW Sutherland
J. Manuf. Sci. Eng. 123 (4), 582-590, 2001
Tire tread deformation sensor and energy harvester development for smart-tire applications
KS Moon, H Liang, J Yi, B Mika
Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and …, 2007
A methodology for the multi-resolution simulation of grinding wheel surface
Y Wang, KS Moon
Wear 211 (2), 218-225, 1997
The origin and interpretation of spatial frequencies in a turned surface profile
KS Moon, JW Sutherland
A wireless 32-channel implantable bidirectional brain machine interface
Y Su, S Routhu, KS Moon, SQ Lee, WS Youm, Y Ozturk
Sensors 16 (10), 1582, 2016
Extraction and analysis of respiratory motion using wearable inertial sensor system during trunk motion
A Gaidhani, KS Moon, Y Ozturk, SQ Lee, W Youm
Sensors 17 (12), 2932, 2017
Single crystal piezoelectric transducers to harvest vibration energy
YK Hong, KS Moon
Optomechatronic Actuators and Manipulation 6048, 112-118, 2005
Control system for suppression of boom or arm oscillation
K Moon
US Patent 7,278,262, 2007
Surface texture improvement in the turning process via application of a magnetostrictively actuated tool holder
D Liu, JW Sutherland, KS Moon, TJ Sturos, AR Kashani
Apparatus and method for sensing bone position and motion
KS Moon, Y Ozturk
US Patent App. 13/875,701, 2014
Current-activated pressure-assisted sintering (CAPAS) and nanoindentation mapping of dual matrix composites
K Morsi, VV Patel, KS Moon, JE Garay
Journal of materials science 43, 4050-4056, 2008
Apparatus and method of implantable bidirectional wireless neural recording and stimulation
KS Moon, Y Ozturk, Y WooSub, G Hwang
US Patent 10,452,143, 2019
Organic MEMS/NEMS-based high-efficiency 3D ITO-less flexible photovoltaic cells
S Kassegne, K Moon, P Martín-Ramos, M Majzoub, G Őzturk, K Desai, ...
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 22 (11), 115015, 2012
A PMMA coated PMN–PT single crystal resonator for sensing chemical agents
M Frank, KS Moon, S Kassegne
Smart materials and structures 19 (3), 035015, 2010
Modeling surface texture in the peripheral milling process using neural network, spline, and fractal methods with evidence of chaos
GA Stark, KS Moon
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