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Sunkyu Kim
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BioBERT: a pre-trained biomedical language representation model for biomedical text mining
J Lee, W Yoon, S Kim, D Kim, S Kim, CH So, J Kang
Bioinformatics 36 (4), 1234-1240, 2020
Building a PubMed knowledge graph
J Xu, S Kim, M Song, M Jeong, D Kim, J Kang, JF Rousseau, X Li, W Xu, ...
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BEST: next-generation biomedical entity search tool for knowledge discovery from biomedical literature
S Lee, D Kim, K Lee, J Choi, S Kim, M Jeon, S Lim, D Choi, S Kim, AC Tan, ...
PloS one 11 (10), e0164680, 2016
ChimerDB 3.0: an enhanced database for fusion genes from cancer transcriptome and literature data mining
M Lee, K Lee, N Yu, I Jang, I Choi, P Kim, YE Jang, B Kim, S Kim, B Lee, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (D1), D784-D789, 2017
ChimerDB 4.0: an updated and expanded database of fusion genes
YE Jang, I Jang, S Kim, S Cho, D Kim, K Kim, J Kim, J Hwang, S Kim, ...
Nucleic acids research 48 (D1), D817-D824, 2020
In silico drug combination discovery for personalized cancer therapy
M Jeon, S Kim, S Park, H Lee, J Kang
BMC systems biology 12, 59-67, 2018
Crowdsourced mapping of unexplored target space of kinase inhibitors
A Cichońska, B Ravikumar, RJ Allaway, F Wan, S Park, O Isayev, S Li, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 3307, 2021
Improved survival analysis by learning shared genomic information from pan-cancer data
S Kim, K Kim, J Choe, I Lee, J Kang
Bioinformatics 36 (Supplement_1, ISMB 2020 proceeding), i389-i398, 2020
ReSimNet: drug response similarity prediction using Siamese neural networks
M Jeon, D Park, J Lee, H Jeon, M Ko, S Kim, Y Choi, AC Tan, J Kang
Bioinformatics 35 (24), 5249-5256, 2019
Mut2Vec: distributed representation of cancerous mutations
S Kim, H Lee, K Kim, J Kang
BMC medical genomics 11, 57-69, 2018
Deep learning of mutation-gene-drug relations from the literature
K Lee, B Kim, Y Choi, S Kim, W Shin, S Lee, S Park, S Kim, AC Tan, ...
BMC bioinformatics 19, 1-13, 2018
BRONCO: Biomedical entity Relation ONcology COrpus for extracting gene-variant-disease-drug relations
K Lee, S Lee, S Park, S Kim, S Kim, K Choi, AC Tan, J Kang
Database 2016, baw043, 2016
DreamAI: algorithm for the imputation of proteomics data
W Ma, S Kim, S Chowdhury, Y Mi, S Yoo, F Petralia, J Jacobsen, JJ Li, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
Community Assessment of the Predictability of Cancer Protein and Phosphoprotein Levels from Genomics and Transcriptomics
M Yang, F Petralia, Z Li, H Li, W Ma, X Song, S Kim, H Lee, H Yu, B Lee, ...
Cell Systems, 2020
HiPub: translating PubMed and PMC texts to networks for knowledge discovery
K Lee, W Shin, B Kim, S Lee, Y Choi, S Kim, M Jeon, AC Tan, J Kang
Bioinformatics 32 (18), 2886-2888, 2016
Predicting mechanism of action of novel compounds using compound structure and transcriptomic signature coembedding
G Jang, S Park, S Lee, S Kim, S Park, J Kang
Bioinformatics 37 (Supplement_1, ISMB 2021 proceeding), i376-i382, 2021
Large language models: a guide for radiologists
S Kim, C Lee, S Kim
Korean Journal of Radiology 25 (2), 126, 2024
Using knowledge base to refine data augmentation for biomedical relation extraction
W Yoon, S Yi, R Jackson, H Kim, S Kim, J Kang
Proceedings of the BioCreative VII challenge evaluation workshop, 31-35, 2021
Deep-Learning-Based Natural Language Processing of Serial Free-Text Radiological Reports for Predicting Rectal Cancer Patient Survival
S Kim, C Lee, Y Choi, ES Baek, JE Choi, J Lim, J Kang, SJ Shin
Frontiers in Oncology, 4796, 2021
Bipartite link prediction by intra-class connection based triadic closure
J Shin, M Gim, D Park, S Kim, J Kang
IEEE Access 8, 140194-140204, 2020
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