Cesar R. S. da Silva
Cesar R. S. da Silva
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Spin transition in magnesiowüstite in Earth’s lower mantle
T Tsuchiya, RM Wentzcovitch, CRS Da Silva, S De Gironcoli
Physical Review Letters 96 (19), 198501, 2006
Anomalous compressibility of ferropericlase throughout the iron spin cross-over
RM Wentzcovitch, JF Justo, Z Wu, CRS da SILVA, DA Yuen, D Kohlstedt
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (21), 8447-8452, 2009
A new phase and pressure induced amorphization in silica
RM Wentzcovitch, C Da Silva, JR Chelikowsky, N Binggeli
Physical Review Letters 80 (10), 2149, 1998
High pressure elastic anisotropy of MgSiO3 perovskite and geophysical implications
RM Wentzcovitch, BB Karki, S Karato, CRS Da Silva
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 164 (1-2), 371-378, 1998
Anomalous thermodynamic properties in ferropericlase throughout its spin crossover
Z Wu, JF Justo, CRS Da Silva, S De Gironcoli, RM Wentzcovitch
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (1), 014409, 2009
The composition and geotherm of the lower mantle: constraints from the elasticity of silicate perovskite
CRS Da Silva, RM Wentzcovitch, A Patel, GD Price, SI Karato
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 118 (1-2), 103-109, 2000
Vibrational and thermodynamic properties of forsterite at mantle conditions
L Li, RM Wentzcovitch, DJ Weidner, CRS Da Silva
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 112 (B5), 2007
Elastic constants and anisotropy of forsterite at high pressure
C Da Silva, L Stixrude, RM Wentzcovitch
Geophysical Research Letters 24 (15), 1963-1966, 1997
Metadata management for distributed first principles calculations in VLab—A collaborative cyberinfrastructure for materials computation
PRC Da Silveira, CRS da Silva, RM Wentzcovitch
Computer Physics Communications 178 (3), 186-198, 2008
VLab: collaborative Grid services and portals to support computational material science
MA Nacar, MS Aktas, M Pierce, Z Lu, G Erlebacher, D Kigelman, EF Bollig, ...
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 19 (12), 1717-1728, 2007
Crystalline silicon oxycarbide: Is there a native oxide for silicon carbide?
CRS da Silva, JF Justo, I Pereyra
Applied physics letters 84 (24), 4845-4847, 2004
Formation and structural properties of the amorphous-crystal interface in a nanocrystalline system
CRS da Silva, A Fazzio
Physical Review B 64 (7), 075301, 2001
Clustering and visualization of earthquake data in a grid environment
D A. Yuen, BJ Kadlec, EF Bollig, W Dzwinel, ZA Garbow, CRS da Silva
Visual Geosciences 10, 1-12, 2005
Ab initio study of the elastic behavior of MgSiO3 ilmenite at high pressure
CRS Da Silva, BB Karki, L Stixrude, RM Wentzcovitch
Geophysical research letters 26 (7), 943-946, 1999
Ab initio structure of MgSiO3 ilmenite at high pressure
BB Karki, W Duan, CRS Da Silva, RM Wentzcovitch
American Mineralogist 85 (2), 317-320, 2000
Virtual laboratory for planetary materials: System service architecture overview
CRS Da Silva, PRC da Silveira, B Karki, RM Wentzcovitch, PA Jensen, ...
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 163 (1-4), 321-332, 2007
Pressure induced high spin to low spin transition in magnesiowüstite
T Tsuchiya, RM Wentzcovitch, CRS Da Silva, S De Gironcoli, J Tsuchiya
physica status solidi (b) 243 (9), 2111-2116, 2006
VLAB: Web services, portlets, and workflows for enabling cyber-infrastructure in computational mineral physics
EF Bollig, PA Jensen, MD Lyness, MA Nacar, PRC da Silveira, ...
Physics of The Earth and Planetary Interiors 163 (1-4), 333-346, 2007
Theoretical investigation of the pressure induced cubic-diamond-β-tin phase transition in the Si0. 5Ge0. 5
CRS Da Silva, P Venezuela, AJR da Silva, A Fazzio
Solid state communications 120 (9-10), 369-373, 2001
Structural order and clustering in annealed and
CRS da Silva, JF Justo, A Fazzio
Physical Review B 65 (10), 104108, 2002
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