Pablo A. Tarazaga
Pablo A. Tarazaga
Associate Professor and John R Jones III Fellow, Virginia Tech
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Effect of strain nodes and electrode configuration on piezoelectric energy harvesting from cantilevered beams
A Erturk, PA Tarazaga, JR Farmer, DJ Inman
Journal of Vibration and Acoustics 131 (1), 2009
Trojan detection and side-channel analyses for cyber-security in cyber-physical manufacturing systems
H Vincent, L Wells, P Tarazaga, J Camelio
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Control of a space rigidizable inflatable boom using macro-fiber composite actuators
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Frequency range selection for impedance-based structural health monitoring
DM Peairs, PA Tarazaga, DJ Inman
Gender classification of walkers via underfloor accelerometer measurements
D Bales, PA Tarazaga, M Kasarda, D Batra, AG Woolard, JD Poston, ...
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Towards indoor localization of pedestrians via smart building vibration sensing
JD Poston, J Schloemann, RM Buehrer, VVNS Malladi, AG Woolard, ...
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Indoor footstep localization from structural dynamics instrumentation
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Vibration event localization in an instrumented building
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D Avirovik, VVNS Malladi, S Priya, PA Tarazaga
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Characterization and representation of mechanical waves generated in piezo-electric augmented beams
V Malladi, D Avirovik, S Priya, P Tarazaga
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A study of the correlation between PZT and MFC resonance peaks and damage detection frequency intervals using the impedance method
DM Peairs, PA Tarazaga, DJ Inman
International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, Leuven, Belgium …, 2006
Active and passive damping of structures
DJ Inman, PA Tarazaga, A Salehian
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Non-destructive evaluation of additively manufactured parts via impedance-based monitoring
M Albakri, L Sturm, CB Williams, P Tarazaga
Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 26, 1475-1490, 2015
Impedance-based non-destructive evaluation of additively manufactured parts
MI Albakri, LD Sturm, CB Williams, PA Tarazaga
Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2017
In situ monitoring of material jetting additive manufacturing process via impedance based measurements
LD Sturm, MI Albakri, PA Tarazaga, CB Williams
Additive Manufacturing 28, 456-463, 2019
Impact localization in dispersive waveguides based on energy-attenuation of waves with the traveled distance
M Albakri, P Tarazaga
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 105, 361-376, 2018
Electromechanical impedance–based damage characterization using spectral element method
MI Albakri, PA Tarazaga
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 28 (1), 63-77, 2017
In-situ detection of build defects in additive manufacturing via impedance-based monitoring
L Sturm, M Albakri, CB Williams, P Tarazaga
27th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium–An Additive …, 2016
Indoor positioning from vibration localization in smart buildings
JD Poston, RM Buehrer, AG Woolard, PA Tarazaga
2016 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS), 366-372, 2016
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