Andreja Bubic
Andreja Bubic
Assistant Professor, University of Split -, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Prediction, cognition and the brain
A Bubic, DY Von Cramon, RI Schubotz
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Eye movements reveal students' strategies in simple equation solving
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Semantic memory as the root of imagination
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It just doesn’t feel right – the relevance of emotions and intuition for parental vaccine conspiracy beliefs and vaccination uptake
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Student understanding of graph slope and area under a graph: A comparison of physics and nonphysics students
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Violation of expectation: neural correlates reflect bases of prediction
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Development of abstract mathematical reasoning: The case of algebra
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The role of emotional stability and competence in young adolescents’ career judgments
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Graphical representations of data improve student understanding of measurement and uncertainty: An eye-tracking study
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Large-scale brain plasticity following blindness and the use of sensory substitution devices
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Role of diagrams in problem solving: An evaluation of eye-tracking parameters as a measure of visual attention
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The relevance of parents’ beliefs for their involvement in children’s school life
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Observing individuals viewing art: The effects of titles on viewers’ eye-movement profiles
A Bubić, A Sušac, M Palmović
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Decision making characteristics and decision styles predict adolescents’ career choice satisfaction
A Bubic
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One test, five scoring procedures: different ways of approaching the cognitive reflection test
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The role of decision making styles in explaining happiness
A Bubić, N Erceg
Journal of Happiness Studies 19, 213-229, 2018
“Dysrationalia” among university students: The role of cognitive abilities, different aspects of rational thought and self-control in explaining epistemically suspect beliefs
N Erceg, Z Galić, A Bubić
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Neurophysiological mechanisms underlying plastic changes and rehabilitation following sensory loss in blindness and deafness
E Striem-Amit, A Bubic, A Amedi
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Differences in processing violations of sequential and feature regularities as revealed by visual event-related brain potentials
A Bubic, A Bendixen, RI Schubotz, T Jacobsen, E Schröger
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Emotional and behavioral outcomes and quality of life in school-age children born as late preterm: retrospective cohort study
B Polić, A Bubić, J Meštrović, J Markić, T Kovačević, I Antončić Furlan, ...
Croatian medical journal 58 (5), 332-341, 2017
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