Daniil Kazantsev
Daniil Kazantsev
senior software scientist
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The influence of nanoparticles on dendritic grain growth in Mg alloys
E Guo, S Shuai, D Kazantsev, S Karagadde, AB Phillion, T Jing, W Li, ...
Acta Materialia 152, 127-137, 2018
Dendritic evolution during coarsening of Mg-Zn alloys via 4D synchrotron tomography
E Guo, AB Phillion, B Cai, S Shuai, D Kazantsev, T Jing, PD Lee
Acta Materialia 123, 373-382, 2017
Joint image reconstruction method with correlative multi-channel prior for x-ray spectral computed tomography
D Kazantsev, JS Jørgensen, MS Andersen, WRB Lionheart, PD Lee, ...
Inverse Problems 34 (6), 064001, 2018
An iterative CT reconstruction algorithm for fast fluid flow imaging
G Van Eyndhoven, KJ Batenburg, D Kazantsev, V Van Nieuwenhove, ...
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 24 (11), 4446-4458, 2015
What approach to brain partial volume correction is best for PET/MRI?
BF Hutton, BA Thomas, K Erlandsson, A Bousse, A Reilhac-Laborde, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2013
TomoPhantom, a software package to generate 2D–4D analytical phantoms for CT image reconstruction algorithm benchmarks
D Kazantsev, V Pickalov, S Nagella, E Pasca, PJ Withers
SoftwareX 7, 150-155, 2018
Recent developments in neutron imaging with applications for porous media research
AP Kaestner, P Trtik, M Zarebanadkouki, D Kazantsev, M Snehota, ...
Solid Earth 7 (5), 1281-1292, 2016
Synchrotron X-ray tomographic quantification of microstructural evolution in ice cream–a multi-phase soft solid
E Guo, G Zeng, D Kazantsev, P Rockett, J Bent, M Kirkland, G Van Dalen, ...
Rsc Advances 7 (25), 15561-15573, 2017
4D-CT reconstruction with unified spatial-temporal patch-based regularization
D Kazantsev, WM Thompson, WRB Lionheart, G Van Eyndhoven, ...
Inverse problems and imaging 9 (2), 447-467, 2015
An anatomically driven anisotropic diffusion filtering method for 3D SPECT reconstruction
D Kazantsev, SR Arridge, S Pedemonte, A Bousse, K Erlandsson, ...
Physics in medicine & Biology 57 (12), 3793, 2012
Revealing the microstructural stability of a three-phase soft solid (ice cream) by 4D synchrotron X-ray tomography
E Guo, D Kazantsev, J Mo, J Bent, G Van Dalen, P Schuetz, P Rockett, ...
Journal of food engineering 237, 204-214, 2018
A novel technique to incorporate structural prior information into multi-modal tomographic reconstruction
D Kazantsev, S Ourselin, BF Hutton, KJ Dobson, AP Kaestner, ...
Inverse Problems 30 (6), 065004, 2014
Edge preserving bowsher prior with nonlocal weighting for 3D spect reconstruction
D Kazantsev, A Bousse, S Pedemonte, SR Arridge, BF Hutton, S Ourselin
2011 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro …, 2011
Employing temporal self-similarity across the entire time domain in computed tomography reconstruction
D Kazantsev, G Van Eyndhoven, WRB Lionheart, PJ Withers, KJ Dobson, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2015
Temporal sparsity exploiting nonlocal regularization for 4D computed tomography reconstruction
D Kazantsev, E Guo, A Kaestner, WRB Lionheart, J Bent, PJ Withers, ...
Journal of X-ray science and technology 24 (2), 207-219, 2016
CCPi-Regularisation toolkit for computed tomographic image reconstruction with proximal splitting algorithms
D Kazantsev, E Pasca, MJ Turner, PJ Withers
SoftwareX 9, 317-323, 2019
Model-based iterative reconstruction using higher-order regularization of dynamic synchrotron data
D Kazantsev, E Guo, AB Phillion, PJ Withers, PD Lee
Measurement Science and Technology 28 (9), 094004, 2017
A novel tomographic reconstruction method based on the robust Student's t function for suppressing data outliers
D Kazantsev, F Bleichrodt, T van Leeuwen, A Kaestner, PJ Withers, ...
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging 3 (4), 682-693, 2017
Weighted MRI-based Bowsher priors for SPECT brain image reconstruction
A Bousse, S Pedemonte, D Kazantsev, S Ourselin, S Arridge, BF Hutton
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposuim & Medical Imaging Conference, 3519-3522, 2010
New iterative reconstruction methods for fan-beam tomography
D Kazantsev, V Pickalov
Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering 26 (6), 773-791, 2018
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