Christoph Messner
DIA-NN: neural networks and interference correction enable deep proteome coverage in high throughput
V Demichev, CB Messner, SI Vernardis, KS Lilley, M Ralser
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Ultra-high-throughput clinical proteomics reveals classifiers of COVID-19 infection
CB Messner, V Demichev, D Wendisch, L Michalick, M White, A Freiwald, ...
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Ultra-fast proteomics with Scanning SWATH
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A time-resolved proteomic and prognostic map of COVID-19
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Machine learning predicts the yeast metabolome from the quantitative proteome of kinase knockouts
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Nonenzymatic gluconeogenesis-like formation of fructose 1, 6-bisphosphate in ice
CB Messner, PC Driscoll, G Piedrafita, MFL De Volder, M Ralser
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A new type of metal chelate affinity chromatography using trivalent lanthanide ions for phosphopeptide enrichment
MR Mirza, M Rainer, CB Messner, Y Güzel, D Schemeth, T Stasyk, ...
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Microbial communities form rich extracellular metabolomes that foster metabolic interactions and promote drug tolerance
JSL Yu, C Correia-Melo, F Zorrilla, L Herrera-Dominguez, MY Wu, J Hartl, ...
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Selective enrichment of phosphopeptides by a metal–organic framework
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A proteomic survival predictor for COVID-19 patients in intensive care
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Structure and dynamics of the Zr 4+ ion in water
CB Messner, TS Hofer, BR Randolf, BM Rode
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Highly selective recovery of phosphopeptides using trypsin-assisted digestion of precipitated lanthanide–phosphoprotein complexes
Y Güzel, M Rainer, MR Mirza, CB Messner, GK Bonn
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Combined Ab Initio Computational and Infrared Spectroscopic Study of the cis- and trans-Bis(glycinato)copper(II) Complexes in Aqueous Environment
OMD Lutz, CB Messner, TS Hofer, M Glätzle, CW Huck, GK Bonn, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4 (9), 1502-1506, 2013
Mass spectrometry‐based high‐throughput proteomics and its role in biomedical studies and systems biology
CB Messner, V Demichev, Z Wang, J Hartl, G Kustatscher, M Mülleder, ...
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Clinical classifiers of COVID-19 infection from novel ultra-high-throughput proteomics
CB Messner, V Demichev, D Wendisch, L Michalick, M White, A Freiwald, ...
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The natural diversity of the yeast proteome reveals chromosome-wide dosage compensation in aneuploids
J Muenzner, P Trebulle, F Agostini, CB Messner, M Steger, A Lehmann, ...
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Computational study of the hafnium (IV) ion in aqueous solution
CB Messner, TS Hofer, BR Randolf, BM Rode
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A time-resolved proteomic and diagnostic map characterizes COVID-19 disease progression and predicts outcome
V Demichev, P Tober-Lau, T Nazarenko, C Thibeault, H Whitwell, ...
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ScanningSWATH enables ultra-fast proteomics using high-flow chromatography and minute-scale gradients
C Messner, V Demichev, N Bloomfield, G Ivosev, F Wasim, A Zelezniak, ...
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Development of erbium phosphate doped poly (glycidyl methacrylate/ethylene dimethacrylate) spin columns for selective enrichment of phosphopeptides
Y Güzel, M Rainer, CB Messner, S Hussain, F Meischl, M Sasse, ...
Journal of Separation Science 38 (8), 1334-1343, 2015
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