Anthony Bishara
Anthony Bishara
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Testing the Significance of a Correlation with Non-normal Data: Comparison of Pearson, Spearman, Transformation, and Resampling Approaches.
AJ Bishara, JB Hittner
Psychological Methods 17, 399-417, 2012
Aging, subjective experience, and cognitive control: dramatic false remembering by older adults.
LL Jacoby, AJ Bishara, S Hessels, JP Toth
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 134 (2), 131, 2005
Cognitive mechanisms underlying risky decision-making in chronic cannabis users
DJ Fridberg, S Queller, WY Ahn, W Kim, AJ Bishara, JR Busemeyer, ...
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Reducing bias and error in the correlation coefficient due to nonnormality
AJ Bishara, JB Hittner
Educational and Psychological Measurement 75 (5), 785-804, 2015
Feedback produces divergence from prospect theory in descriptive choice
RK Jessup, AJ Bishara, JR Busemeyer
Psychological Science 19 (10), 1015-1022, 2008
Temporal discounting of rewards in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
WY Ahn, O Rass, DJ Fridberg, AJ Bishara, JK Forsyth, A Breier, ...
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A Process Model of Affect Misattribution
BK Payne, DL Hall, CD Cameron, AJ Bishara
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 36 (10), 1397, 2010
Confidence intervals for correlations when data are not normal
AJ Bishara, JB Hittner
Behavior research methods 49, 294-309, 2017
Propensity for risk taking and trait impulsivity in the Iowa Gambling Task
DJ Upton, AJ Bishara, WY Ahn, JC Stout
Personality and individual differences 50 (4), 492-495, 2011
An integrative review of process dissociation and related models in social cognition
BK Payne, AJ Bishara
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Similar processes despite divergent behavior in two commonly used measures of risky decision making
AJ Bishara, TJ Pleskac, DJ Fridberg, E Yechiam, J Lucas, JR Busemeyer, ...
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 22 (4), 435, 2009
Sequential learning models for the Wisconsin card sort task: Assessing processes in substance dependent individuals
AJ Bishara, JK Kruschke, JC Stout, A Bechara, DP McCabe, ...
Journal of mathematical psychology 54 (1), 5-13, 2010
Multinomial process tree models of control and automaticity in weapon misidentification
AJ Bishara, BK Payne
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 45 (3), 524-534, 2009
Memory and metacognition for piano melodies: Illusory advantages of fixed-over random-order practice
B Abushanab, AJ Bishara
Memory & cognition 41, 928-937, 2013
Capture by misleading information and its false acceptance in patients with traumatic brain injury
PM Dockree, FM O'Keeffe, P Moloney, AJ Bishara, S Carton, LL Jacoby, ...
Brain 129 (1), 128-140, 2006
Identifying Cognitive Remediation Change Through Computational Modelling—Effects on Reinforcement Learning in Schizophrenia
M Cella, AJ Bishara, E Medin, S Swan, C Reeder, T Wykes
Schizophrenia bulletin 40 (6), 1422-1432, 2014
Aging, spaced retrieval, and inflexible memory performance
AJ Bishara, LL Jacoby
Psychonomic bulletin & review 15 (1), 52-57, 2008
Multinomial models reveal deficits of two distinct controlled retrieval processes in aging and very mild Alzheimer disease
PR Millar, DA Balota, AJ Bishara, LL Jacoby
Memory & Cognition 46, 1058-1075, 2018
Mistaking the recent past for the present: False seeing by older adults.
LL Jacoby, CS Rogers, AJ Bishara, Y Shimizu
Psychology and aging 27 (1), 22, 2012
Informal versus formal judgment of statistical models: The case of normality assumptions
AJ Bishara, J Li, C Conley
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 28, 1164-1182, 2021
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