Mark Forster
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Potential and pitfalls: On the use of transient absorption spectroscopy for in situ and operando studies of photoelectrodes
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Time-resolved spectroscopy of ZnTe photocathodes for solar fuel production
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Alkaline Water Oxidation Using a Bimetallic Phospho‐Boride Electrocatalyst
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Publisher Correction: Electrolysis of low-grade and saline surface water
W Tong, M Forster, F Dionigi, S Dresp, RS Erami, P Strasser, AJ Cowan, ...
Nature Energy 6 (9), 935-935, 2021
Electrolysis of low-grade and saline surface water (vol 5, pg 367, 2020)
W Tong, M Forster, F Dionigi, S Dresp, RS Erami, P Strasser, AJ Cowan, ...
NATURE ENERGY 6 (9), 935-935, 2021
Photochemical Energy Storage
G Neri, M Forster, AJ Cowan
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