Professor Michael Preuss FIMMM
Professor Michael Preuss FIMMM
Professor of Structural Materials, Monash University & University of Manchester
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Microstructure, mechanical properties and residual stresses as a function of welding speed in aluminium AA5083 friction stir welds
M Peel, A Steuwer, M Preuss, PJ Withers
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Linear and rotary friction welding review
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High-temperature strain field measurement using digital image correlation
BMB Grant, HJ Stone, PJ Withers, M Preuss
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Methods for obtaining the strain-free lattice parameter when using diffraction to determine residual stress
PJ Withers, M Preuss, A Steuwer, JWL Pang
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Solid state joining of metals by linear friction welding: a literature review
I Bhamji, M Preuss, PL Threadgill, AC Addison
Materials Science and Technology 27 (1), 2-12, 2011
Residual stresses in laser direct metal deposited Waspaloy
RJ Moat, AJ Pinkerton, L Li, PJ Withers, M Preuss
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Hydrogen assisted crack initiation and propagation in a nickel-based superalloy
Z Zhang, G Obasi, R Morana, M Preuss
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Texture development in Ti–6Al–4V linear friction welds
M Karadge, M Preuss, C Lovell, PJ Withers, S Bray
Materials Science and Engineering: A 459 (1-2), 182-191, 2007
Effect of the forging pressure on the microstructure and residual stress development in Ti–6Al–4V linear friction welds
J Romero, MM Attallah, M Preuss, M Karadge, SE Bray
Acta Materialia 57 (18), 5582-5592, 2009
The effect of Sn on autoclave corrosion performance and corrosion mechanisms in Zr–Sn–Nb alloys
J Wei, P Frankel, E Polatidis, M Blat, A Ambard, RJ Comstock, ...
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How the crystallography and nanoscale chemistry of the metal/oxide interface develops during the aqueous oxidation of zirconium cladding alloys
N Ni, D Hudson, J Wei, P Wang, S Lozano-Perez, GDW Smith, JM Sykes, ...
Acta Materialia 60 (20), 7132-7149, 2012
Fatigue and damage in structural materials studied by X-ray tomography
PJ Withers, M Preuss
annual review of materials research 42 (1), 81-103, 2012
Effect of β grain growth on variant selection and texture memory effect during α→ β→ α phase transformation in Ti–6 Al–4 V
GC Obasi, S Birosca, JQ Da Fonseca, M Preuss
Acta materialia 60 (3), 1048-1058, 2012
The microstructure and microtexture of zirconium oxide films studied by transmission electron backscatter diffraction and automated crystal orientation mapping with …
A Garner, A Gholinia, P Frankel, M Gass, I MacLaren, M Preuss
Acta Materialia 80, 159-171, 2014
Electron backscatter diffraction study of dislocation content of a macrozone in hot-rolled Ti–6Al–4V alloy
TB Britton, S Birosca, M Preuss, AJ Wilkinson
Scripta Materialia 62 (9), 639-642, 2010
The effect of aluminium on twinning in binary alpha-titanium
A Fitzner, DGL Prakash, JQ Da Fonseca, M Thomas, SY Zhang, ...
Acta Materialia 103, 341-351, 2016
Advances in X-ray diffraction contrast tomography: flexibility in the setup geometry and application to multiphase materials
P Reischig, A King, L Nervo, N Viganó, Y Guilhem, WJ Palenstijn, ...
Journal of Applied Crystallography 46 (2), 297-311, 2013
Residual stresses and tetragonal phase fraction characterisation of corrosion tested Zircaloy-4 using energy dispersive synchrotron X-ray diffraction
E Polatidis, P Frankel, J Wei, M Klaus, RJ Comstock, A Ambard, S Lyon, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 432 (1-3), 102-112, 2013
Synchrotron diffraction study of dissolution and precipitation kinetics of hydrides in Zircaloy-4
O Zanellato, M Preuss, JY Buffiere, F Ribeiro, A Steuwer, J Desquines, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 420 (1-3), 537-547, 2012
A comparison of inertia friction welds in three nickel base superalloys
M Preuss, PJ Withers, GJ Baxter
Materials Science and Engineering: A 437 (1), 38-45, 2006
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