Blas Pedro Uberuaga
Blas Pedro Uberuaga
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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A climbing image nudged elastic band method for finding saddle points and minimum energy paths
G Henkelman, BP Uberuaga, H Jónsson
The Journal of chemical physics 113 (22), 9901-9904, 2000
Efficient annealing of radiation damage near grain boundaries via interstitial emission
XM Bai, AF Voter, RG Hoagland, M Nastasi, BP Uberuaga
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Radiation damage tolerant nanomaterials
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IJ Beyerlein, MJ Demkowicz, A Misra, BP Uberuaga
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Machine learning bandgaps of double perovskites
G Pilania, A Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, BP Uberuaga, R Ramprasad, ...
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Band-gap engineering for removing shallow traps in rare-earth LuAlO garnet scintillators using Ga doping
M Fasoli, A Vedda, M Nikl, C Jiang, BP Uberuaga, DA Andersson, ...
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BP Uberuaga, M Anghel, AF Voter
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D Perez, BP Uberuaga, Y Shim, JG Amar, AF Voter
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A Karakuscu, M Cologna, D Yarotski, J Won, JSC Francis, R Raj, ...
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BP Uberuaga, RG Hoagland, AF Voter, SM Valone
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U and Xe transport in UO: Density functional theory calculations
DA Andersson, BP Uberuaga, PV Nerikar, C Unal, CR Stanek
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First-principles prediction of disordering tendencies in pyrochlore oxides
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Comparison of screened hybrid density functional theory to diffusion Monte Carlo in calculations of total energies of silicon phases and defects
ER Batista, J Heyd, RG Hennig, BP Uberuaga, RL Martin, GE Scuseria, ...
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Vacancy-mediated dopant diffusion activation enthalpies for germanium
A Chroneos, H Bracht, RW Grimes, BP Uberuaga
Applied Physics Letters 92 (17), 2008
Stick-slip behavior of grain boundaries studied by accelerated molecular dynamics
Y Mishin, A Suzuki, BP Uberuaga, AF Voter
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Role of atomic structure on grain boundary-defect interactions in Cu
XM Bai, LJ Vernon, RG Hoagland, AF Voter, M Nastasi, BP Uberuaga
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Competing kinetics and He bubble morphology in W
L Sandoval, D Perez, BP Uberuaga, AF Voter
Physical review letters 114 (10), 105502, 2015
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