Vivek Kumar Malik
Vivek Kumar Malik
Department of Physics, IIT Roorkee
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Dimensionality control of electronic phase transitions in nickel-oxide superlattices
AV Boris, Y Matiks, E Benckiser, A Frano, P Popovich, V Hinkov, ...
Science 332 (6032), 937-940, 2011
Coexistence of static magnetism and superconductivity in SmFeAsO1−xFx as revealed by muon spin rotation
AJ Drew, C Niedermayer, PJ Baker, FL Pratt, SJ Blundell, T Lancaster, ...
Nature materials 8 (4), 310-314, 2009
Direct measurement of the electronic spin diffusion length in a fully functional organic spin valve by low-energy muon spin rotation
AJ Drew, J Hoppler, L Schulz, FL Pratt, P Desai, P Shakya, T Kreouzis, ...
Nature materials 8 (2), 109-114, 2009
Engineering spin propagation across a hybrid organic/inorganic interface using a polar layer
L Schulz, L Nuccio, M Willis, P Desai, P Shakya, T Kreouzis, VK Malik, ...
Nature materials 10 (1), 39-44, 2011
Evidence of a Precursor Superconducting Phase at Temperatures as High as 180 K in Superconducting Crystals from Infrared Spectroscopy
A Dubroka, M Rössle, KW Kim, VK Malik, D Munzar, DN Basov, ...
Physical review letters 106 (4), 047006, 2011
Coexistence of magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in the pnictide high temperature superconductor SmFeAsO 1− x F x measured by muon spin rotation
AJ Drew, FL Pratt, T Lancaster, SJ Blundell, PJ Baker, RH Liu, G Wu, ...
Physical review letters 101 (9), 097010, 2008
Giant superconductivity-induced modulation of the ferromagnetic magnetization in a cuprate–manganite superlattice
J Hoppler, J Stahn, C Niedermayer, VK Malik, H Bouyanfif, AJ Drew, ...
Nature materials 8 (4), 315-319, 2009
Magnetic Proximity Effect in and Superlattices
DK Satapathy, MA Uribe-Laverde, I Marozau, VK Malik, S Das, T Wagner, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (19), 197201, 2012
Dynamical Response and Confinement of the Electrons at the Interface
A Dubroka, M Rössle, KW Kim, VK Malik, L Schultz, S Thiel, ...
Physical review letters 104 (15), 156807, 2010
Evidence for multiple superconducting gaps in optimally doped BaFe 1.87 Co 0.13 As 2 from infrared spectroscopy
KW Kim, M Rössle, A Dubroka, VK Malik, T Wolf, C Bernhard
Physical Review B 81 (21), 214508, 2010
Coexistence and Competition of Magnetism and Superconductivity on the Nanometer Scale in Underdoped
P Marsik, KW Kim, A Dubroka, M Rössle, VK Malik, L Schulz, CN Wang, ...
Physical review letters 105 (5), 057001, 2010
Strain-Induced Ferromagnetism in Antiferromagnetic Thin Films
JS White, M Bator, Y Hu, H Luetkens, J Stahn, S Capelli, S Das, M Döbeli, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (3), 037201, 2013
Raman studies of ZnO: Co thin films
H Zhou, L Chen, V Malik, C Knies, DM Hofmann, KP Bhatti, S Chaudhary, ...
physica status solidi (a) 204 (1), 112-117, 2007
Spatially resolved strain-imprinted magnetic states in an artificial multiferroic
RV Chopdekar, VK Malik, AF Rodríguez, L Le Guyader, Y Takamura, ...
Physical Review B 86 (1), 014408, 2012
Superconducting Energy Gap and -Axis Plasma Frequency of Superconductors from Infrared Ellipsometry
A Dubroka, KW Kim, M Rössle, VK Malik, AJ Drew, RH Liu, G Wu, ...
Physical review letters 101 (9), 097011, 2008
Muon spin rotation study of magnetism and superconductivity in BaFe2− xCoxAs2 and Pr1− xSrxFeAsO
C Bernhard, AJ Drew, L Schulz, VK Malik, M Rössle, C Niedermayer, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (5), 055050, 2009
Pulsed laser deposition growth of heteroepitaxial YBaCuO/LaCaMnO superlattices on NdGaO and SrLaAlTaO substrates
VK Malik, I Marozau, S Das, B Doggett, DK Satapathy, MA Uribe-Laverde, ...
Physical Review B 85 (5), 054514, 2012
One step sputtered grown MoS2 nanoworms binder free electrodes for high performance supercapacitor application
A Sanger, VK Malik, R Chandra
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (24), 11141-11149, 2018
Magnetic properties of silica coated spindle-type hematite particles
M Reufer, H Dietsch, U Gasser, B Grobéty, AM Hirt, VK Malik, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (6), 065102, 2011
Depth profile of the ferromagnetic order in a YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7/La 2/3 Ca 1/3 MnO 3 superlattice on a LSAT substrate: A polarized neutron reflectometry study
MA Uribe-Laverde, DK Satapathy, I Marozau, VK Malik, S Das, K Sen, ...
Physical Review B 87 (11), 115105, 2013
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