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ECG and navigator‐free four‐dimensional whole‐heart coronary MRA for simultaneous visualization of cardiac anatomy and function
J Pang, B Sharif, Z Fan, X Bi, R Arsanjani, DS Berman, D Li
Magnetic resonance in medicine 72 (5), 1208-1217, 2014
Whole‐heart coronary MRA with 100% respiratory gating efficiency: self‐navigated three‐dimensional retrospective image‐based motion correction (TRIM)
J Pang, H Bhat, B Sharif, Z Fan, LEJ Thomson, T LaBounty, JD Friedman, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 71 (1), 67-74, 2014
Improved black‐blood imaging using DANTE‐SPACE for simultaneous carotid and intracranial vessel wall evaluation
Y Xie, Q Yang, G Xie, J Pang, Z Fan, D Li
Magnetic resonance in medicine 75 (6), 2286-2294, 2016
Four‐dimensional MRI using three‐dimensional radial sampling with respiratory self‐gating to characterize temporal phase‐resolved respiratory motion in the abdomen
Z Deng, J Pang, W Yang, Y Yue, B Sharif, R Tuli, D Li, B Fraass, Z Fan
Magnetic resonance in medicine 75 (4), 1574-1585, 2016
Classification of lung nodule malignancy risk on computed tomography images using convolutional neural network: A comparison between 2d and 3d strategies
X Yan, J Pang, H Qi, Y Zhu, C Bai, X Geng, M Liu, D Terzopoulos, X Ding
Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 91-101, 2016
Free‐breathing, motion‐corrected, highly efficient whole heart T2 mapping at 3T with hybrid radial‐cartesian trajectory
HJ Yang, B Sharif, J Pang, A Kali, X Bi, I Cokic, D Li, R Dharmakumar
Magnetic resonance in medicine 75 (1), 126-136, 2016
In vivo diffusion‐tensor MRI of the human heart on a 3 tesla clinical scanner: An optimized second order (M2) motion compensated diffusion‐preparation approach
C Nguyen, Z Fan, Y Xie, J Pang, P Speier, X Bi, J Kobashigawa, D Li
Magnetic resonance in medicine 76 (5), 1354-1363, 2016
Accelerated whole‐heart coronary MRA using motion‐corrected sensitivity encoding with three‐dimensional projection reconstruction
J Pang, B Sharif, R Arsanjani, X Bi, Z Fan, Q Yang, K Li, DS Berman, D Li
Magnetic resonance in medicine 73 (1), 284-291, 2015
Coronary Atherosclerosis T1-Weighed Characterization With Integrated Anatomical Reference: Comparison With High-Risk Plaque Features Detected by Invasive …
Y Xie, YJ Kim, J Pang, JS Kim, Q Yang, J Wei, CT Nguyen, Z Deng, ...
JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging 10 (6), 637-648, 2017
Magnetic resonance field fingerprinting
G Körzdörfer, Y Jiang, P Speier, J Pang, D Ma, J Pfeuffer, B Hensel, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (4), 2347-2359, 2019
Diagnostic performance of self-navigated whole-heart contrast-enhanced coronary 3-T MR angiography
Y He, J Pang, Q Dai, Z Fan, J An, D Li
Radiology 281 (2), 401-408, 2016
High efficiency coronary MR angiography with nonrigid cardiac motion correction
J Pang, Y Chen, Z Fan, C Nguyen, Q Yang, Y Xie, D Li
Magnetic resonance in medicine 76 (5), 1345-1353, 2016
Method and system for “push-button” comprehensive cardiac MR examination using continuous self-gated 3D radial imaging
D Li, B Sharif, DS Berman, J Pang
US Patent 9,655,522, 2017
Four-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging with 3-dimensional radial sampling and self-gating–based K-space sorting: early clinical experience on pancreatic cancer patients
W Yang, Z Fan, R Tuli, Z Deng, J Pang, A Wachsman, R Reznik, ...
International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 93 (5), 1136-1143, 2015
Accelerated, free‐breathing, noncontrast, electrocardiograph‐triggered, thoracic MR angiography with stack‐of‐stars k‐space sampling and GRASP reconstruction
H Haji‐Valizadeh, JD Collins, PJ Aouad, AM Serhal, MD Lindley, J Pang, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 81 (1), 524-532, 2019
Cardiovascular cine imaging and flow evaluation using Fast Interrupted Steady-State (FISS) magnetic resonance
RR Edelman, A Serhal, A Pursnani, J Pang, I Koktzoglou
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 20 (1), 1-9, 2018
Geometric validation of self‐gating k‐space‐sorted 4D‐MRI vs 4D‐CT using a respiratory motion phantom
Y Yue, Z Fan, W Yang, J Pang, Z Deng, E McKenzie, R Tuli, R Wallace, ...
Medical Physics 42 (10), 5787-5797, 2015
Noninvasive measurement of pressure gradient across a coronary stenosis using phase contrast (PC)‐MRI: A feasibility study
Z Deng, Z Fan, SE Lee, C Nguyen, Y Xie, J Pang, X Bi, Q Yang, BW Choi, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 77 (2), 529-537, 2017
Characterization of respiratory motion in the abdomen using a 4D MRI technique with 3D radial sampling and respiratory self-gating
Z Fan, J Pang, Z Deng, D Li
US Patent 10,925,510, 2021
Respiratory phase-resolved 3D body imaging using iterative motion correction and average
X Bi, J Pang, Z Fan, M Fenchel, G Laub, D Li
US Patent 10,605,880, 2020
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