Stephen J. Goldfless
Stephen J. Goldfless
Generate Biomedicines, Inc.
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A microfabricated deformability-based flow cytometer with application to malaria
H Bow, IV Pivkin, M Diez-Silva, SJ Goldfless, M Dao, JC Niles, S Suresh, ...
Lab on a Chip, 2011
Efficient CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing in Plasmodium falciparum
JC Wagner, RJ Platt, SJ Goldfless, F Zhang, JC Niles
Nature methods 11 (9), 915-918, 2014
Synthetic RNA–protein modules integrated with native translation mechanisms to control gene expression in malaria parasites
SM Ganesan, A Falla, SJ Goldfless, AS Nasamu, JC Niles
Nature communications 7, 10727, 2016
DNA repeat rearrangements mediated by DnaK-dependent replication fork repair
SJ Goldfless, AS Morag, KA Belisle, VA Sutera Jr, ST Lovett
Molecular Cell 21 (5), 595-604, 2006
Combined confocal Raman and quantitative phase microscopy system for biomedical diagnosis
JW Kang, N Lue, CR Kong, I Barman, NC Dingari, SJ Goldfless, JC Niles, ...
Biomedical Optics Express 2 (9), 2484-2492, 2011
High-throughput nucleotide library sequencing
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, CR Clouser, SJ Goldfless, S Timberlake
US Patent App. 14/854,399, 2015
Methods of selecting T cell receptors using affinity oligonucleotide conjugates
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, SJ Goldfless, BJ Belmont
US Patent 10,393,743, 2019
Affinity-oligonucleotide conjugates and uses thereof
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, SJ GOLDFLESS, BJ Belmont
Direct and specific chemical control of eukaryotic translation with a synthetic RNA–protein interaction
SJ Goldfless, BJ Belmont, AM de Paz, JF Liu, JC Niles
Nucleic acids research 40 (9), e64-e64, 2012
Versatile control of Plasmodium falciparum gene expression with an inducible protein–RNA interaction
SJ Goldfless, JC Wagner, JC Niles
Nature communications 5 (1), 5329, 2014
Single T cell sequencing demonstrates the functional role of αβ TCR pairing in cell lineage and antigen specificity
JA Carter, JB Preall, K Grigaityte, SJ Goldfless, E Jeffery, AW Briggs, ...
Frontiers in Immunology 10, 2019
Tumor-infiltrating immune repertoires captured by single-cell barcoding in emulsion
AW Briggs, SJ Goldfless, S Timberlake, BJ Belmont, CR Clouser, ...
bioRxiv, 134841, 2017
An integrated platform for genome engineering and gene expression perturbation in Plasmodium falciparum
AS Nasamu, A Falla, CFA Pasaje, BA Wall, JC Wagner, SM Ganesan, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-15, 2021
Single-cell sequencing reveals αβ chain pairing shapes the T cell repertoire
K Grigaityte, JA Carter, SJ Goldfless, EW Jeffery, RJ Hause, Y Jiang, ...
bioRxiv, 213462, 2017
An integrated strategy for efficient vector construction and multi-gene expression in Plasmodium falciparum
JC Wagner, SJ Goldfless, SM Ganesan, MCS Lee, DA Fidock, JC Niles
Malaria Journal 12 (1), 373, 2013
Single cell characterization using affinity-oligonucleotide conjugates and vessel barcoded polynucleotides
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, SJ Goldfless, BJ Belmont
US Patent 11,156,611, 2021
T-cell receptor αβ chain pairing is associated with CD4+ and CD8+ lineage specification
JA Carter, JB Preall, K Grigaityte, SJ Goldfless, AW Briggs, F Vigneault, ...
bioRxiv, 293852, 2018
J Sissons, C Brandt, A Croft, A Ebens, H Peper, DY Toy, B Belmont, ...
US Patent App. 16/338,452, 2019
Methods of sequencing, determining, pairing, and validating therapeutic agents and disease specific antigens
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, CR Clouser, SJ Goldfless, S Timberlake
US Patent 10,982,258, 2021
T cell receptors and engineered cells expressing same
SJ Goldfless, B Belmont, C Brandt, A Croft, DJ Huss
US Patent App. 16/374,729, 2019
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