P. Blair Blakie
P. Blair Blakie
Professor of Physics, Otago University
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Dynamics and statistical mechanics of ultra-cold Bose gases using c-field techniques
PB Blakie, AS Bradley, MJ Davis, RJ Ballagh, CW Gardiner
Advances in Physics 57 (5), 363-455, 2008
Ground-state phase diagram of a dipolar condensate with quantum fluctuations
RN Bisset, RM Wilson, D Baillie, PB Blakie
Physical Review A 94 (3), 033619, 2016
Self-bound dipolar droplet: A localized matter wave in free space
D Baillie, RM Wilson, RN Bisset, PB Blakie
Physical Review A 94 (2), 021602, 2016
Projected Gross-Pitaevskii equation for harmonically confined Bose gases at finite temperature
PB Blakie, MJ Davis
Physical Review A 72 (6), 063608, 2005
Thermal activation of vortex-antivortex pairs in quasi-two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates
TP Simula, PB Blakie
Physical review letters 96 (2), 020404, 2006
Critical temperature of a trapped Bose gas: comparison of theory and experiment
MJ Davis, PB Blakie
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Bragg spectroscopy of ultracold atoms loaded in an optical lattice
AM Rey, PB Blakie, G Pupillo, CJ Williams, CW Clark
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Theory of coherent Bragg spectroscopy of a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate
PB Blakie, RJ Ballagh, CW Gardiner
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Quasicondensation and coherence in the quasi-two-dimensional trapped Bose gas
RN Bisset, MJ Davis, TP Simula, PB Blakie
Physical Review A 79 (3), 033626, 2009
Decay of a quantum vortex: Test of nonequilibrium theories for warm Bose-Einstein condensates
SJ Rooney, AS Bradley, PB Blakie
Physical Review A 81 (2), 023630, 2010
Collective excitations of self-bound droplets of a dipolar quantum fluid
D Baillie, RM Wilson, PB Blakie
Physical review letters 119 (25), 255302, 2017
Droplet crystal ground states of a dipolar Bose gas
D Baillie, PB Blakie
Physical Review Letters 121 (19), 195301, 2018
Universal coarsening dynamics of a quenched ferromagnetic spin-1 condensate
LA Williamson, PB Blakie
Physical review letters 116 (2), 025301, 2016
Adiabatic loading of bosons into optical lattices
PB Blakie, JV Porto
Physical Review A 69 (1), 013603, 2004
Roton spectroscopy in a harmonically trapped dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate
PB Blakie, D Baillie, RN Bisset
Physical Review A 86 (2), 021604, 2012
Suppression of Kelvon-induced decay of quantized vortices in oblate Bose-Einstein condensates
SJ Rooney, PB Blakie, BP Anderson, AS Bradley
Physical Review A 84 (2), 023637, 2011
Vortex pairing in two-dimensional Bose gases
CJ Foster, PB Blakie, MJ Davis
Physical Review A 81 (2), 023623, 2010
Wannier states and Bose–Hubbard parameters for 2D optical lattices
PB Blakie, CW Clark
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 37 (7), 1391, 2004
Yang-Yang thermometry and momentum distribution of a trapped one-dimensional Bose gas
MJ Davis, PB Blakie, AH Van Amerongen, NJ Van Druten, ...
Physical Review A 85 (3), 031604, 2012
Quantum droplet states of a binary magnetic gas
JC Smith, D Baillie, PB Blakie
Physical Review Letters 126 (2), 025302, 2021
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